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Mega Man X Series Project: Maverick Fight ($$$ prize!) - Tracks for everyone (first post)!

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Got it - when the clock turns midnight EST, the submission window is OVER! Better get those entries in people!

Edit: Actually because I was vague before, the fair thing to do will be to make it Mar. 1 11:59 PM EST as the deadline. But to be honest, I'll be sleeping an hour before that, so as long as the entries are in before Mar. 2 6 am CST, you're good.

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it'd be nice for you to post all the submissions once you get them in, so we can all hear the rawk.

Funny you should mention that, I was thinking hard on the past couple of days on this - I'm leaning to publicly posting them after the voting is done if nobody objects. I like the entries we're getting so far.

Edit: Just got my fourth entry!

Edit #2: 5th entry is in!

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So I'm about to go to bed - if an entry isn't submitted to me by the time I wake up tomorrow, it's not eligible for the contest.

So get to emailing/PMing/etc. the entries if you're still submitting! Voting will start tomorrow internally for non-participating project members.

Edit: Untagged & anonymous tracks are here for listening: http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~wcho6/ContestPack.rar

I'll put the actual artists and tagging after I get permission, proper names, and the voting is done!

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My brother came by and I ended up hanging out with him at the expense of finishing up one of my tracks, so I hope all these songs are better than the ones I had been working on :-)

Thanks again for doing this Bahamut, even if I didn't get it done in the end!

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I do have thoughts on the tracks I feel are the best on this contest - but maybe I'll answer that in a future interview if someone thinks to ask me about it then.

I'm not sure when the results will be in - I want most of the people involved to vote before I award the $. Hang tight meanwhile!

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