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Since I loved Prozax's work on "Clamato Fever", I decided to check out his other mixes and I found this gem! This song just makes me feel good for some reason; I can sense a lot of effort put into here.

Well I can't be all that analytical, all I can say is that this song rocks- nice work guys! (Maybe I'll take a peek at some of Midee's Mixes and find another keeper!)

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Deafening, brain-punching Pow-AH!

An almost frustrating level of awesome. It's so good I went through various emotional phases throughout the track until finally settling on a focused resentment for midee and prozax. At first I thought they combined their talents to share good music to the world, but with this mix I'm convinced that their main goal was to demonstrate how many times more awesome they are than me.W hich is something I don't dare to even dispute.

This mix kicks ass and doesn't even bother taking names. It's too cool for names.

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Exhilarating, jubilant… yet the job is not quite done. More ass needs to be kicked.

The variety of ways this is expressed is quite amazing. It maintains that mood throughout, but does so in so many ways it doesn't get at all repetitive.

This is my second-most-listened-to track, and I do not restrict that to remixes.

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On 11/15/2004 at 5:07 PM, killthrush said:

I think Liquid Tension Experiment is covering NES songs now incognito...

I totally wasn't expecting a cover like this - this is the real deal! I bow in reverence. Great work!

10/10 overall.

On point with the LTE comparison 8)

The first half kinda plays it safe and it's almost closer to a cover instead of a remix, but it starts to really evolve at 2:20, and at in the 2:30s the tritonal bassline and next few parts are very unpredictable, almost Uematsu FF esque. *insert clapping hands emoji*

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01192 - Life Force "Tactile Freefall"
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