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NES Zelda Dungeon Theme


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lol @ Spakku's reference.

I'm surprised that I could still hear the NES Dungeon theme in there, but only just barely. I can hear this going in a direction that'll take it straight to the front page of OCR, but it'll require some more references to the source.

The direction you took it is great, just... don't go overboard with the experimentation, if you want to be posted :nicework:. I will add, however, that with this source experimenting with it is the only way you'll be able to get a good remix out of it, due to the short nature of the source. Just keep it in moderation and you'll be just fine.

By the way, it's great so far. Waitin' for an update, now.


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haha, well, I do love Gipsy Kings (as well as that movie).

I was thinking about medley-ing it, but I wasn't sure about which song to go to. I don't know how I didn't think of Gerudo Valley. I've done something similar in style to that theme before, let me see if I can't tie it in here somehow.

As for the experimentation, that's exactly why I decided to try it, because I mean ... what else can you really do with this theme that hasn't already been done, right?

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Oooooh liking it

Not just a copy of the source tune like some people but it certainly resembles the classic

Not sure 'where you could go with it'

But I think you might need to make what you've got sound a bit softer

The voices you've used are actually starting to hurt my ears, probably consistent rythem and style of sound

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not picking up entirely on the source references, but in any other regard this is totally awesome. like gario mentioned, you might want to be a little more conservative with the rest of the track if you want to put it in the OCR lane.

either way, this is a great start and i am excited to hear what direction you take it in :-D


What I first thought of. And I mean freaking immediately.


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OKAY so I finally got around to working on this, and now ... it's quite lengthy! It kind of became an epic overnight. I've been listening to a lot of Floyd lately ...

anyway, I've never done a medley before, but lately with my own compositions I've been experimenting with lots of chord progressions and pieces with several different sections so I figured I may as well do that with this mix, except this changes dramatically and drastically several times, as you'll certainly hear.

so, pretty much all the guitars (lead and bass mostly) are rough, especially the solo, but I've been working on it all day just to get it down to something similar to how I want it to sound. It still needs a lot of editing, because it's just too damn long ... I'll probably cut out a lot of it, I was just having fun, okay? also the vocals aren't great right now so don't kill me ... don't worry I will re-record them, haha ...

The whole thing almost ten minutes long.


Listen to it all, if you dare. See the first post for themes included and instruments used.

also, if anybody thinks they could do a cool guit solo, let me know. I can get it recorded myself eventually, but I know somebody else could do it way more badass. I usually do solos that are slow and sexy, and that is not what this piece calls for. it needs something with BALLS, you know?

I don't know when I'll be able to get around to working on this again, but give me some advice/suggestions/comments/whatever to stew on for a couple weeks.


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When you said the vocals wouldn't be great, I was expecting lyrics. "Da"s and "oooah"s are okay in moderation, but that's overkill.

It certainly needs to be polished a bit, but was this ever a huge step forward. I think you went from under one minute to over nine, and all of it sounds pretty good except the vocals.

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well I definitely jumped the gun on posting that version last night ... but I didn't think I'd also spend most of today working on it, so oh well.


Spakku, I'm one step ahead of you as I've already entirely cut out the "da" and "oooah" section. I think overkill was an understatement to the redundancy of keeping that part in there.

I also cut out part of the Dark World section, knocking her down to about 7 minutes. I re-recorded a few of the instruments for this version, as well as added some others here and there. And I actually learned (imagine that!) the right parts for the close-to-the-end banjo part. The very end I added more synths to, too, as well as changed the chords up even more from before.

Still have a lot of work to do with mixing and certain performances, but she's getting there, and faster than I expected, which is good, I suppose. The length may be an issue when I submit it, but I'm not too concerned about that, yet.

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