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Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble! - History

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Emunator wants to release all these half-finished tracks before they're passable, and I have to thwap him in the head and say I'm changing it, wait until the joojs yes it, then I'll send you a wav. And I always have to copy paste his line from the project thread. "Let it be assumed that everything submitted to me has the potential to be released at some point, regardless of its state of completion, unless you tell me otherwise." I think it's the artwork-ists and the big name remixers (not me, i'm not THAT arrogant) who are really going to contribute to the polishedness of this album, though I've heard a lot of samples and there's way too much "ambient" on it... just my 2 cents. :-D

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Sorry, but when your resub sounds worse (in my opinion and others') than the initial, I'm inclined to just go with what I know and like. There've been a few instances where I've let songs go by that I know aren't gonna pass the panel, so I guess if you want to fault my quality control methods on that, then go ahead. But keep in mind, if we cut all non-passable remixes out of projects in the past, we wouldn't have bLiNd's "Dodge this Sakura" or sixto's "Pickin' Out the Fleas."

The OCR judging criteria is what it is, but sometimes I don't feel like what's best for OCR is best for the project and I hope in instances where a mix is rejected by the panel, you'll all be able to see the reasoning for keeping it on the album. I can say that about 85-90% of the album is OCR passable and the other 10-15% are no less enjoyable.

Also, if you keep whining about the Fanfare intro I'm going to move your song to the bonus disc, Brandon, and ask DJ Frog to remix it. How's that?

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