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The lyrics to a little ditty I heard recently...


And the actual clip itself

I'm not sure if the North Americas have heard it yet, but it's actually not a bad piece of... well, I'd say it's standard dance music but it's a little punk. Whatever.

Ignoring the music, and the singing (Which are oddly appropriate) I focus on the lyrics.

The first time I heard this I could not possibly believe that this song has not been censored to hell and back.

As far as I can tell every single fucking line with the exception of the dollar bills and gucci can be referenced to sex. LADY GAGA has less sex per line. The best thing is that some of it is undeniably OBSCENE, even in our day and age... "I love your pocket rocket we live to shock it shock it" and my personal favourite metaphor of the past week,

"I wanna spray it spray it

I like to throw the paint

you wanna throw the paint?"

And it's all delivered by a jumpy, hoarse voiced woman with a pretty good sense of rhythm.

The really funny bit? It seems only people who enjoy their music have noticed this. The teeny boppers think it's just a great track to dance to and don't understand the lyrics, and the old people don't listen to them carefully.

I remember when people snuck in their sexual innuendo in slightly less obvious fashion.

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I think I saw that lady in some other music video- she looks familiar.

Back to the topic, I just think back to what Chris Rock said about Li'l Jon's rap. Any catchy beat will easily blind people from the lyrics no matter how dirty they are, especially if they're said in a voice that's not very understandable like Li'l Jon's.

You say songs used to sneak in innuendo in a less obvious fashion, yet also realize this song still succeeds in hiding it from most people. Maybe producers have realized this so they don't take the effort to be more subtle, as long as it still fools the person?

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It's getting more blatant, but American music has been about sex since for decades. There comes a point in everyone's life where they listen to songs on the radio and realize, "Oh, they're singing about banging. Huh."

Why just American? When I think of early 80's songs that are about shagging plenty of European songs come to mind.

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