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OCR01237 - *YES* Seiken Densetsu 3 'Electrion (Guitar Mix)'

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Remixer Names: TO & FIDGAF

Game: Seiken Densetsu 3

Remix Title: Electrion (Guitar Mix)

Remix URL:


TO: the_orichalcon@hotmail.com

FIDGAF: Undisclosed


This was my winning entry into People's Remix Competition 8. Since then I've partnered up with a guitarist from America (FIDGAF) and produced this remix of The Highlands Theme from SD3. Guitar, Electrode effects, hip-hop beat, belltones and synths make up the majority of this piece.



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http://www.alpha-ii.com/snesmusic/spcsets/sd3.rsn - "Swivel" (Highlands theme)

Indeed, I remember this track from PRC8. Played it on VG Frequency back in February, although as TO mentioned the original remix was sans guitar. Thus, I confirmed with Lee that this is indeed dubbed "Electrion (Guitar Mix)" to reflect the additions. Considering that this current version is literally v1 with various guitar lines added, I thought the production on the combined tracks was excellent. The sound's pretty clean, and you can't even tell that this is two separate productions fused into one. Nearly none of FIDGAF's added guitar work took away from the ambient atmosphere TO originally established here. The percussion was pretty good (not great), but I enjoyed how the hip-hop beats was structured as well.

I thought FIDGAF's support work was pretty nice. The timing on the guitar intro is noticeably odd, BUT with the way it progressed, as it synched up with the timing of TO's intro at 0:20, I thought it built a little bit of intrigue as to where this would be going. Good use of panning for the electricity sound effects from 0:19-0:40 (and later on) in the track. When the guitar swelled for the chorus (1:20-1:31 & 2:40-2:51) I thought it was mastered too loudly, as it was topping out the low mid-range frequencies while sounding shrill and somewhat overbearing compared to the rest of the music. Though loud and all up in my face there, the guitar overall was minimalist in some sections and powerful in others, yet sounding clean throughout, so props for that. We'll see if Vig and/or Danny B in particular thought it was solid. A subtle, 41-second fadeout, I see. That was actually a nice move.

I would have liked to have heard FIDGAF do some more light freeform work of his own during some of the quieter areas, but overall, I can't complain. The rearrangement is pretty liberal, as this involves taking only the first 15 seconds of Swivel's melody (which, to be fair, is at a really fast tempo) and refashioning it into a somewhat different kind of theme, and I have to say that hearing sections such as the belltones at the 2-minute mark showed some of the most logical rearrangement ideas I've ever heard. TO's original compositional ideas seamlessly connected with the arranged game music. I would have enjoyed hearing some more sections from the source tune being applied in TO's liberal rearrangement style, but in some ways I can see why he didn't, since the source tune isn't that interesting IMO. Others might contend this is too liberal an arrangement, but I felt that it didn't branch too, too far out from the inspiration, despite the notable overhaul TO gave it. We'll see.

I remember thinking back when this came out for PRC8 that I hoped TO wouldn't submit it, if only because it didn't have enough going on with it at the time. I felt adding FIDGAF to the picture created a lot more energy with this mix, while not overshadowing the subtle hip-hop beats and ambient sounds that made "Electrion" interesting in the first place. It's a very successful hybrid of styles. Solid work, bros.


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Not too much going on in the remix, but thats not the point here. As such, it doesn't really just repeat. Though subtle, there are definately changes.

Those guitar/synths or whatever are SOOOOOO COOL. I WANT them. Man. So cool

So yea, considering everything, I'm still pretty borderline with this mix. Its not exactly very dynamic. Towards the end, most things just rehash.


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I think it's got a nice atmosphere. There's a cool texture going on with the dirty guitar synths + the slick hip-hop beat. Things stay varied throughout, though not overly so. Pretty solid sound all around, no glaring problems at all.

I enjoyed. YES

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