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Let's give a hand to djpretzel here!

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Just now FINALLY caught time to read the thread - thanks, everybody!

There was actually a lack of VGM at the wedding, as we were catering to a mixed audience and had to work in plenty of Russian tunes, the crazy Jewish Hava Nagila medley where we were both (successfully!) lifted up on chairs, and generally familiar musics that our awesomely diverse crowd could relate to. It was an epic affair - Larry caught the garter, I had a SingingPretzel moment, we were serenaded by a spritely circle of OCR peeps as we danced to "Kiss from a Rose", Anna looked beautiful, and there were many fine toasts. It's one of those days you can't really squeeze into a forum post, but it was truly an event to remember.

Also, as an unexpected bonus, since the red wine and vodka were far more popular, I now have 7 unopened bottles of Jack in my dining room :nicework:

We'll obviously be doing the official thank you cards to those of you who attended - it was a small but very vocal OCR minority! - but I'd like to thank everyone here for the congrats and for holding down the fort while I was away!

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