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Donkey Kong Country 2 Disco Train trance remix (bLiNd would be recommended IMO)


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THere have been a few remixes of this tune.... and the original version can be heard here:


However, none of the remixes that I've heard (pandaman and DaDude261/Chris "Nova" Foss, are the only two that I actually know of), are OK, but don't have a lot of pulse to it.

So, what I was hoping for was a nice electronic trance style remix of this song. Well I'm not sure if it's actually called electronic trance, but what I mean was a remix in the style of the Dance Nation remix of Top Gear 2 that bLiNd did, infact, bLiNd would probably be the perfect guy to do a trance remix of Disco Train. One that has lots of synthesized sounds and a nice drum kit (like the one in Dance Nation). And most importantly, as most trance songs should have, it should have a nice long build up (at least 1 minute) and at least 3 minutes of the main song, and then maybe a minute or so of the outro. So, yeah, about 5 minutes or more would make a good trance song. Sorry if I'm going a bit too far with this post, but no one as far as I know has created a good loud thumping trance remix of Disco Train, yet.

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If you're looking for a specific remixer to remix a track, why don't you just PM him and make the request? I don't think posting in here saying 'it would be cool if bLiNd did a remix of so-and-so' will get you nearly as far as a direct request, there (unless, of course, bLiNd just so happened to walk in here and take the request).

I like the stuff posted in here, though (especially Zylance's track - I don't see even bLiNd making one much better than that, imho). The Gogetails22122 track is really fun, too :-o.

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