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Street Fighter x Tekken


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And all of a sudden I care immensely about this game.

Please Asuka/Lili announcement!

Lol the second teaser really does look like Ibuki and she is pretty popular. Which is cool because they do actually seem to be listening to fan requests. As you said they have already hinted at Lili and I can totally see her being in this. Which means if she's in, Asuka probably will be too. Tag partners being a huge deciding factor on the roster of course. So Kuma probably means Heihachi for sure, and Ibuki probably means Mokoto.

I think Hugo and Dr. B are coming up next though.

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I am so hype right now. Now I just need my Asuka announcement and my dream team is set.

Yeah this game is exciting! I'm pretty sure Asuka will happen. I'm just surprised they haven't announced Jin.

Still got my fingers crossed for Lee Chaolan and Fei Long.

Lee's cool. I think Marshall Law and Fei Long is more likely though.

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There's a pretty good argument for Rolento (preferred) over Sean in that trailer, though the basketball certainly raises questions to the alternative. Looking forward to more announcements soon!

True enough, there's nothing in there that really resembles him except the basketball. We'll find out when TGS happens I assume.

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