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I need your help, OCR!


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Without going into too much detail, I can say that I'm undertaking a big project involving lots of video game music! And it's very difficult, but I am selecting only a few songs from a small list of games from the past. I would like the OCR board's opinions of what should be included, game-wise and song-wise. Here's what I have got so far:

Mario -nintendo

Zelda -nintendo

Metroid -nintendo

FF 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 -square enix

Sonic -sega

Castlevania -konami

F-Zero -nintendo

Contra -konami

Donkey Kong (plus diddy kong racing) -nintendo

Kirby -nintendo

Megaman -capcom

Metal Gear -konami

Mike Tyson's Punchout -nintendo

Earthbound -nintendo

Ninja Gaiden -Tecmo

Pokemon -nintendo

Breath of Fire -Capcom

Chrono Trigger -square enix

Earthworm Jim -Interplay

Banjo-Kazooie -rareware

Secret of Mana -square enix

Star Fox -nintendo

Tetris -nintendo

Goldeneye 007 -nintendo

Crash Bandicoot -Universal Interactive

Fire Emblem -nintendo

Golden Sun -nintendo

Kingdom Hearts -square enix

Phantasy Star Online (and predecessors) -sega

Vectorman -sega

I know this is a lot of Nintendo games, but I'm trying to keep it in the 'classic' era--the 80s and 90s. Even so, I am sure this list could use some amending with your help.

400 or so songs total is my goal. Which games/series have I missed, or have I included that is maybe less significant to the history of video game music? Also remember, the more games, the less songs from each game I can include. It's extremely difficult to narrow the large RPG soundtracks down to a few songs to stay around 400 songs, but...it has to be done. There must also be a balance between mainstream familiarity and the 'deeper-into-the-videogame-culture' tunes, if that makes sense--namely, RPGs.

I'd just like some opinions from other people here genuinely interested in popularizing vgm!

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Why did you cut out FF 4 through 6? I'd cut the more recent ones instead...

I suspect he might not know that FF2=4 & FF3=6, here. 2,3 & 5 could use some love too, though :wink:.

Also, don't forget Battletoads, Double Dragon, Battletoads & Double Dragon, and the sega renditions of both Castlevania and Contra - they were amazing.

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besides the obvious ones (chrono triggers and final fantasies and zeldas and ninja turtles and metal gears)


  • Adventure Island
  • Adventures of Bayou Billy
  • Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman
  • Dragon Quest 3
  • The Legend of Kage
  • Maniac Mansion
  • Mighty Final Fight
  • San Goku Shi II: Haou no Tairiku
  • Shatterhand
  • Silver Surfer
  • Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey
  • Uchuu Keibitai SDF
  • Wizardry series
  • Backgammon (FDS)
  • Exciting Billiard (FDS)


  • Golden Axe series (especially 2 or very especially 3)
  • The Hybrid Front
  • The Ooze
  • Shining Force I and/or II
  • Thunder Force IV


maybe i'll add more when i think of em

if you need links, i can probs provide em

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An awful lot of Nintendo stuff there. Let's see if we can't help balance that out...

- Genesis -

Alien 3

Alisia Dragoon


Castlevania: Bloodlines


Dragon's Fury

Elemental Master

Heavy Nova

Master of Monsters

Mega Turrican

Midnight Resistance (namely, "Flood of Power")

Phantasy Star IV


Red Zone (namely, "The Habam")

Revenge of Shinobi


Road Rash (namely, the title screen song)

Rocket Knight Adventures

Streets of Rage

Super Fantasy Zone

Sword of Vermilion

TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

Thunder Force III

Thunder Force IV

Whip Rush

- Sega CD -

Android Assault

Ecco the Dolphin (especially the unused track, which is on


Robo Aleste

Shining Force CD

Soul Star

Stellar Fire

The Terminator

... and a few random ones from other systems...

- Saturn -

Blast Wind


Hang-On 95 (for this one track)

Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Thunder Force V

- Amiga -

Shadow of the Beast


Turrican II

Turrican III

- PS1 -

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (Especially "A Dragon Temple (with Choir)" and "Credits (with Choir)")

I could go on for a while, but I'll stop.

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I'm lovin all the help you guys are giving me, there's just no way one person can remember all of the great music of the NES-PSX/N64 without some help.

On that note, though, what do you guys think about the inclusion of these more unrepresented series, namely almost all of the ones suzumebachi has mentioned? Here's the problem I'm going to have to face--I have no doubt that I would love the music of many of those games (I'll admit, I haven't played most of those you mentioned), but this is going to a mainstream audience as well, and I'd like to really try to cover as many of the bases as I can as far as music most people know.

I know, I know, it may disappointing that I'm not planning on including every stunning RPG of the 90s, but I feel it's important to make a list of:

1) Plenty of well known tracks from well known games

2) Some lesser known tracks from moderately well known games

3) A dash of music from games mostly unheard of by the mainstream gamers--these tracks would likely be more title-themes.

I think it's a good idea to use title themes/very significant themes from these 'unheard of' games, as long as it's strong material (which I'm sure it is)

Keep it coming guys! I appreciate all of the posts so far.

EDIT: Coop, thanks a lot for that list, I was a bit worried about the oversaturation of one publisher...this list is going to be a real trip to organize.

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Just for the sake of easiness, for the Genesis soundtracks, go to Project2612. All you need is Winamp, ChipAmp and the VGZ zip file in question from 2612, and you'll be good to go.

As for the Sega CD soundtracks, throw me a PM and I can point you to handy sites that'll make getting their music pretty easy.

If you want the Saturn games, I also know of a site that has their soundtracks. PM me if you need to.

For the Amiga games, all you need is Foobar and to visit Exotica.

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