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I have a song by kLuTz: Simple Joys (A Final Fantasy Town Theme Rearrangment for Piano)


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I remember discovering kLuTz for the first time years and years ago and found Simple Joys on his website after finding it through OCR. He was fully capable of submitting it then just as easily as any of his other mixes so I assume he just didn't want to submit it. He hasn't been active here for quite some time and his website is down too.

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I think you guys are missing the point, FireWhale actually transcribed the sheet music to the song (something that he started work on two years ago) and he's planning on posting it here. He's wondering if it's ok because apparently klutz never added this song

Klutz in fact could not have posted sheets because he never made sheet music for most of his stuff in the first place and instead relied on other people to transcribe it for him.

It's just sheet music to an existing song and I don't really see any harm in it so I'll post it anyway. if not then somebody can delete the link from my post (please don't delete the whole post though!)

(no viruses)


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On 8/12/2016 at 10:42 PM, chenjesu said:

Does, uh, anyone still have this sheet music???

Well this is really weird, but the song came up randomly in conversation so I looked up this topic again.

I seem to recall one or two errors in the transcription, so forgive me if you encounter them.


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