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I feel ripped off by... Shyamalan.


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an old roommate of mine was the cinematographer for an indie film (budget was probably $750,000 to $1 mil) that was basically that same idea.

4 strangers in an elevator, demonic stuff happens, they've all got a past, etc.

this was back in like 2008. a lot of people have had this idea.

(it was terrible, by the way)

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Didn't think that idea was used a lot. I'm a writer myself and even had my first book be critically praised. Good thing my next book doesn't have this setup. It's actually going to be about a disgraced former NYPD detective who's on the hunt for his former partner who he shot for betraying the force and helping the mob. He doesn't know what happened to him because he was never found after he feel into the river so he spends his time trying to find clues during his travels and trying to figure out why his partner did what he did while also doing work for his new boss who was also a former detective.

Story isn't finished yet and I don't want to give anything else away so just make sure to look out for it soon. :wink:

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Do you guys remember that movie about the guy stealing the kid's movie ideas... Big Fat Liar, I think.

Well that was my idea.

On a more serious note, I did send Nintendo of America a letter asking for a Mario Tennis years ago. A month after, plans for Mario tennis on the N64 were announced. I'm sure it was a coincidence although I'm pretty sure I asked for a counterpart to Luigi as well. Friggn' Waluigi.

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it was my idea to put big mac ingredients into a snack wrap at mcdonald's

they didn't even credit ocr

lmao! i feel you... Several years back I had a great idea of mixing powdered cheese with fries and you know what Burger King did?---- they didn't just have the "shake-em-up" fries, they had it for a while and then canceled it. They basically stole my idea and said that it was too cheesy all at once.

but concerning scripts, I used to have a vivid drawing imagination as a kid and I came up with ideas such as Spiderman with a cape in the future, a teenager with metallic powers named "Max," and a dude that uses otherworldly powers to fight crime and survive school. If I lack creativity today it's because the writers of Spiderman: Unlimited, Max Steel, and Danny Phantom stole it from me.

Oh, and Shyamalan. He stole the potential of a great airbending film from all of us.

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