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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Support Abadoss's Officially Branded Official OCR Server! : (Click for info page)


PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=N8MTT67WSETHS

ClanPay: https://secure.multiplay.co.uk/clanpay/contribute?clanid=T1RGbVkySTNPR009Yjc4YzQ=

OCR Minecraft thread

For access to the first server, either make a post in this thread (remembering to supply your Minecraft username) to request whitelist privileges or PM Abadoss if you wish to keep your Minecraft handle private.

OverClocked After Dark server:


IRC!: #ocrminecraft

OCR's Minecraft Social Group

Texture Packs and GUI icons:

Painterly Pack


Doku's RPG pack


Block Man Dash

Hozz's 32x32 Item Sprites

Majora's Mask Moon

Zelda stuffs

The Orichalon's modified Steampunk Pack

ShortStuf7's Clean Design Pack

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Assuming I haven't missed it, I believe the world generator could use a little bit of work, i.e. giving more control over the variables used when "randomly" generating the world. Don't want any hills, 0% chance of a hill showing up, trees, fuck trees, sand, who doesn't love sand, nothing but sand etc.

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Whoa whoa whoa, slow your roll there, champ. Where did I claim that was mine? My stuff is waaaaay less awesome. I was just showing (what is probably) my favorite Minecraft picture!

I'm currently trying to make a small village in a snow valley right now, but a lot of trees are dying for the log cabins.

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I'm proud of my first attempt at sprite art!


Hopefully they'll put colored cloth in survival soon so I can do this stuff in singleplayer! Then I'll be able to start taking requests!

Not bad at all. I'm planning to make a Minish cap Dark Link on my server soon. I'll post pics once I've got it done.

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I haven't played much outside of Survival mode, that's the first time I messed with any other modes since it has colored cloth. Is there a way to make your own password-protected server or something? I would love to make a bunch of sprites without worrying about griefers coming in and messing everything up.

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If you go to multiplayer classic, at the very top of the server list there's a link for the server software. It's pretty straight forward to set up overall, and if you do it right you'll be able to access you're own personal server. I don't know about password protection or if it lists the server when active publicly. I haven't bought the game yet (I plan to though). What I do know is that I've spent a couple of hours working on stuff and never had anyone else log in, so I'm guessing it's private until you make it otherwise.

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If you go to multiplayer classic, at the very top of the server list there's a link for the server software.

Thanks for the tip! Thanks to you I wasn't afraid to commit myself to a little more involved sprite! So,

Here's one more I did before bed!


Here's the side-by-side comparison:


(Anyone notice my desktop image? Eh? eh?)

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