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  1. u dont kno anythign bout dogphins bro step off k
  2. Whatever, you're retarded, get out. You don't know shit about biology by the way my cousin was friends with a girl who was gonna major in marine Biology when she went to college so like yeah get off my case ok??
  3. That's not a dogphin. That is a dogfish. (The tail is supposed to be horizontal STUPID)
  4. Minimodding is not allowed on this forum.
  5. Please refrain from making chatlog posts in this forum. Keep your private conversations private.
  6. Minecraft is the shit. I still like the original creative mode though. It makes it easier to build cool stuff like this without having to farm for blocks and stuff.
  7. hey whats up dude you just like came back out of nowhere!

  8. Red Shadow I am posting on your visitor message thing hi!

  9. I'm leaving you one back because it seems like the polite thing to do.

  10. I am leaving you a visitor message because idk i feel like it

  11. I heard this song at an Orioles game I watched on TV a few week ago.
  12. WOT

    Spider-Man 3

    i am 10 letter limit
  13. Exactly. Don't bitch about it and give up to their supposed cheapness, change your strategy.
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