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OCR01282 - Killer Instinct "The Wolf of the Opera"

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The arrangement is great, but it is pretty mechanical sounding. The different sections have great transitions, and there is some real power behind the chords. I really liked the arpeggios as well, and even though i'm unfamilir with the source, the mix is compelling enough to make me want to check it out.

I'd love to hear this performed live with 2 pianos. :-)

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Loving it. The piano only sounding verison of this theme is really good and simple. Don't really get why everyone is knocking it, as it has a beautiful melody and doesn't seem to trip over notes. Granted, I will note the almost robotic sound at times, but I like it. Nice!

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The player of the piano is very skilled, the melody is rather moody, and kinda reminds me of black/white cartoon music. Maybe it's just me.

the piano seems a little off on the high end, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's just how that piano plays.

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Very good piano arrangement! I remember when I got this game I had the Killer Cuts CD that came with it and this was one of my favorite tracks. That CD may still be somewhere in my belongings...

Anyways, I really like what you have done here, for a piano only arrangement i believe you have captured the essence of the original which is a full orchestrated song, not an easy task. Personally I would have ended the song on that chord at 3:15 but other than that I really enjoy this ReMix.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01282 - Killer Instinct "The Wolf of the Opera"

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