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Used Game Stores, Sega Saturns, and other things


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Alright, I bought the Darius 2 import for cheap, and am still on the fence about ANOTHER shooter, aka Night Striker S. It looks fun, but does it look 30 bucks fun?

I'm also keeping my eye on Shinobi Legends. I watched some of the cutscenes, and they are so hilarious that I have to get the game.

Go play the original arcade on MAME (Night Striker), and see. I paid about $25 for it years back and certainly got my money's worth.

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I know it's a long-ish bump, but I feel I have to add this little bit in:

Holy moly, I hit the motherload yesterday on my birthday.

I found this used game store by a sushi joint me and my friends and my older brother like to go to, and it had fucking everything.

I wanted to buy a lot more than I did, but i could not blow my entire paycheck on games.

I mean, they had a shitton of Dreamcast games, like Bangai-O, Street Fighter Alpha 3, MvC2, and Phantasy Star Online!

I SO wanted to pick up a dreamcast then and there and get all that shit, since i knew I would get it for cheap! [[Hell, is there even still a community for Phantasy Star Online?]]

But not only that, but unlike every other used game store I've been to, this had fucking awesome Saturn games there!

They had Virtua Cop (which i didn't get- didn't want to pay for it... yet), Dark Savior, Virtua Fighter 2 (which I DID get), a complete copy of Shining the Holy Ark (which I'm kind of mad that I paid about as much for a just-disc copy) and much much more.

Also, which fucking blew my mind, was that they had a COMPLETE copy of a Working Designs game, Shining Wisdom, there, for $48.

It took a lot of deliberation, but then I finally told myself "You know what, when is the next fucking time you're going to find a Working Designs Saturn game, complete?" and I picked it up. The guy there seemed pretty cool, knew and liked Working Designs too, and mentioned that someone else had just bought the other copy they had earlier that week, so I feel really lucky about all of that.

I also picked up a cheap copy of Final Fantasy IX, perhaps to make up for the sheer hilarity of FFX.

At the game store I mentioned in my OP, I found a complete copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta, so I'm pretty pumped about that...

But this place had so many good SNES games (I picked up cheap copies of Cybernator and U.N. Squadron, while my older brother picked up Secret of Evermore...), Genesis games, Master System games... fucking everything. It was pretty incredible. I mean yeah, the place was in the middle of gay town and S&M town (making for a very.... colorful group of people walking to and fro the streets)... but I almost wanted to buy a genesis there, since they had games like Rocket Knight Adventures, and a bunch of other ones I can't remember.

Gah, now I really want to fucking go back. Like, the first time I've ever been to a used game store that had a REALLY good selection.

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Been collecting a lot of older games these days. Over the past six months I've gotten a massive amount of CIB Japanese Sega Mark III games, CIB Sega SG-1000 games, and CIB Megadrive games. I check Japanese auction sites a lot and recently picked up this beauty for a mere $85 (with a bonus Genesis wireless controller and receiver):


A SEGA-branded Wondermega. It was listed as untested junk on Yahoo Auctions Japan, but I took a chance and got it. Everything works perfectly, so that's quite a deal! No problem with the CD drive, mechanical door or anything. And other than a couple light scratches it's in great visual shape. Most systems I see go for MUCH more than than 80 bucks, even on Yahoo Auction. To put it in perspective, recently a complete boxed system went for $900 on eBay. $900. It's really a collector's item, and was my holy grail as far as Sega Megadrive hardware goes.

Not only a collectors item, but the best possible way to enjoy Sega Megadrive and Mega CD games. The picture quality is amazing. The built in S-video blows away the composite output of the Megadrive model 1 and 2. There's no comparison. And the sound has to be heard to be believed, especially with the built-in audio enhancing effects (the "Game" setting is perfect). The extremely noisy model 2 is an embarrassment compared to this. I'm noticing graphical details and aspects of the audio that I've never experienced in the two decades I've played these games. It's like playing them for the first time. Plus it's got build-in MIDI I/O and karaoke controls I haven't even messed with yet. And the lights, oh the beautiful lights... It has to be one of the better looking game systems ever made, and the build quality is fantastic. Slightly bigger than I expected; it's a little bigger than a PS2 but not as tall. Recommended if you can find one!!

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Well I work at GS and I nabbed a Zelda DS lite for normal price (with a discount of course but still) when the person came and traded it in I almost had a panic attack lol. There's a place called vintage stock that's pretty neat but they don't specialize in games but they have quite a bit.

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sorry for the necrobump, but I figured my own topic would be the place to ask:

My former roommate is offering to sell his Dreamcast, 2 controllers, and 14 games to me for 80 bucks.

The games are:

Jet Grind Radio

Sonic Adventure

Tony Hawk 2


NFL 2k1

Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear

Space Channel 5

Bust A Move 4

Crazy Taxi 2

Power Stone 2

Phantasy Star Online


and some disney game

All complete in their cases. Obviously only some of those appeal to me but I can sell what I don't want.

Does 80 bucks sound like a good deal? Should I try to "jew" it down to 75? 70?

the DC of course is also appealing for its ability to play burned roms. Yum.

EDIT: Lol I am becoming such a Sega fanboy. My childhood self weeps. I must've been burnt out on Nintendo's lackluster efforts this past generation!

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Indeed, the DC and Shenmue are worth it. Pick up Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II if you can as well.

Edit: By the way Evilhead that is a beautiful system. I'm curious though in what ways it's superior to playing an emulator or hi-def collection, especially in terms of sound.

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I've dealt with them before and they are no match for my unbridled might.

I wonder if there is still an online community for PSO. I bet there is (or might be I dunno about the servers), but it's only the most hardcore of hardcore at this stage.

I hear Sega might be releasing a Saturn Vintage collection (in the same way they've released the Monster World* and Alex Kidd Vintage collections), which would be interesting to see. I'd love to see some of the rarer Saturn games actually made affordable for a change (Burning Rangers and Panzer Dragoon Saga, I'm looking at you), but from what I understand the source code for those games were lost. Like, I guess Yu Suzuki spilled coffee on the hard-drive with the files.. which was right next to the coffee machine or something. >.>

*I am very sad they didn't include Wonder Boy: Monster's Lair [or whatever it's called the series is confusing as fuck - it's the shmup] in the collection. It's probably one of the best games in the series.

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