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OCR02168 - Reset Generation "Steriloids"


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Arrangement-wise, the melody may feel straight forward but the chords have been given some change from the original versions of the anthem (all three of them o_O). The little ambient breakdown at 2:12 managed to add in some increased scope as well; helped try and shift things around a little bit.

I do have to be with the same sentiment that aside from being drawn towards a groove or the efforts with the source material there's not a lot else going on production-wise. But whether it's a good thing or bad thing or not remains to be seen - it remains accessible for those unfamiliar with the game, can be seen as nostalgic for those that have played the game, and is a pretty decent newcomer mix unleashed here.

Juha, I hope you'll take everything you've learnt from the process and keep making tracks in the future; by what I've seen of you here, I am sensing a good amount of potential. So keep at it :)

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What a wonderful intro, with so much groovin' energy. Fantastic synth work with the modulation and the main melody. Totally digging the breakdown and the outro. It may seem straightforward in some parts, but there is a lot of little things in it that helps it get the job done in delivering an upbeat ReMix that gets some movement out of you. Nicely done.

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Does exactly what it says on the box: provides dance music version of game track. It's not exactly the most interesting piece of art I've witnessed, and yet judging it based on its ambition, its perfectly adequate. The synths and beats are punchy, the breakdown was nice and it kept a semblance of variation throughout, minor as it was. It's a dance track, basically.

I liked it for that, and I think it shows great promise too.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02168 - Reset Generation "Steriloids"

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