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OCRMVC4: Discussion


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So we've had a week of a break from OCRMVC, and now it's time to start on OCRMVC4! I don't want to wait too long to get started on it because I personally still feel very inspired by the awesome videos in the last viewing party, and I don't want us all to lose that energy. I'm really excited about the music video idea I had last year that I never did and I want to do it this time, and I plan on starting the storyboard for it soon.

But before I start a new official thread for the challenge with all the details, I wanted to open up a discussion. Now that we've done a few of these, it might be good to have some feedback from our participants and viewers.

In particular, I want to know two things: how you feel about how long the challenge should be, and what we can do to get more people involved. We've tried deadlines anywhere from 2 months to 4 months, did you feel a difference one way or the other? And it looks like we've had roughly 6 entries in each of the challenges. Do you have any ideas on how to promote the challenge more and get more people involved?

I will share my thoughts on this. I personally don't have a strong opinion on how long the challenge should be. However, the next music video I was planning on making will be quite involved and it would probably help me to have more than 2 months to work on it. That's just me though, I don't know how involved your projects will be. The other thing is that for the outfits I have in mind, I'd def. want to film this in spring because it will be too damn cold in the winter ^_^;

As for promotion, well I had meant to make a Facebook event for the viewing party last time, which I would have done if the past 3 weeks hadn't been so hectic. I don't want to do that too far in advance though, because then people will just forget about it. I like having a signature banner for the challenge. And maybe we can talk to other people connected to OCR, such as OCAD, to help promote the challenge and encourage participation as well. One more idea I had was that I plan to post pictures of my music video process as it's coming along. Seeing other peoples' videos has been a large inspiration for me on my own video(s), so I thought maybe we can encourage and inspire each other by showing some works in progress. Of course, if you'd rather keep your video secret until the grand unveiling, that's fine too, but I'm just saying I personally plan to do that for my own video. Anyway, I'm open to any more ideas you have for promotion and getting people involved.

Also, let me know if there are any thoughts/concerns/whatev about any of the rules and guidelines. Otherwise we will just carry on as usual!

Wow, this became really tl;dr. The short version: Please share your feedback about the OCRMVC!

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I'd say the best way to increase interest is to add some incentive. Maybe something along the lines of a stylish emblem to display in signatures for being voted 'best of show'. I thought about monetary prizes/rewards, but I like the spirit of the contest as it is now. It's like a folk gathering and we all just hang.. adding real prizes might make things too srs.

I think 2-4 months is appropriate, but it seems like we should have more participants with that big of a window. Maybe it's cause editing video isn't as fun as making a song :P I don't think it is.

To wrap up, I'm volunteering my skills to artists who have cool ideas. If editing is not your thing, consider a collab. I know a lot about motion graphics and animation within After Effects, but I'm terrible at art so if any artists want an animated music video, please get hold of me. I'm a big fan of minimalist grunge art so if you can do that type of work I'll friggn pay you!

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So ok, my take on a few things;

1- Length of time. Well I've officially run the gamut personally. I did my video with the most effort 1st, when I believe it was about 2 1/2 months... the least effort 2nd with the longest amount of time, and the least amount of effort (no video) this last time which was in the middle.

I think it's a safe bet that, for me at least, my getting a video in by deadline has no co-relation with the amount of time allotted but rather my resources available, the scale of what I'm taking on, and my ever-dwindling amount of free time. I guess my vote doesn't really count either. Maybe the solution is something like a 2 1/2 month deadline time, but announced a month from now.

I actually felt relieved when I missed deadline this time around because I knew that it meant I just suddenly had way more time for the next round.

2- I think collabs should be especially encouraged. I think more people might succumb to less effort pretty easily. Like, for example, several people send one person 30 second clips of them dancing to a certain song, and one person assembles the clips... these videos could be potentially really easy to make.

Oh, and Modus, pm me.

3- Promotion Facebook invite is a must... twitter happened this time around... 2 threads a piece... the only thing I can think of is either more art (I WAS the only contributor last time. -_-), or spamming sister sites/blogs. The only way I see spamming sister sites/blogs being justified is if there's prizes, and the prize issue remains... expensive.

I think that's all of my commentary for now.

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My creative mind is inconsistent, hence me only starting work 4 days before the deadline last time. I don't really have any suggestions I think the 2 I have participated in turned out well. I would like to see more entries overall though and for this event to be bigger.

I think there should be should be some sort of reward for the winner whether it be a special signature or mention on the OCremix home page. I'm going to start seriously thinking about a song for the next competition. I'm not really caught up on the more recent mixes on this site. I tend to always pick mixes that I enjoyed when I was obsessed with this site back when I was 18. Wow that's 5 years ago.

Anyway if anyone has a song they think I would enjoy making something for please let me know, just take note of the ones I've already done http://www.youtube.com/user/setzertrancer?feature=mhum to see if it's my kind of music. I intend to evolve my editing skills with each entry, especially since I am aspiring towards a professional role in the industry.

Thanks dio for organizing these events.

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I forgot one more thing. I'd like it if we all posted what songs we're using because I really don't want mine to have the same song as anyone else's. We're fortunate that hasn't happened yet.

I dunno what to do about a prize... As an entrant, I don't really want to suggest whether or not we should have an actual, tangible prize. Something small and attractive to put in a sig would make me perfectly happy to be honest.

As for promotion, if someone can make a trailer-like video ad, it could be posted on YouTube to attract more people.

I wanted to make one, but then I realized I have no idea how we'd "market" the video. If I just upload it and it sits there, it won't attract anyone. I guess I'd post the link on some creative forums and such, but I doubt they'd be interested without a cash prize.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I just wanted to pipe up and say that I will probably announce the next deadline sometime soon, sometime in the next week. It sounds like people aren't too particular about the length of time, but that maybe we should stick to the shorter side of 2-4 months, since 4 was a bit dragging. LAOS, I know you suggested having a break before the next MVC... I personally feel that whether I announce the deadline now or in a month from now, it's somewhat inconsequential, because we all know that the next one is coming and can start work on it whenever. I personally have started the storyboarding already and plan to continue working on it in the near future.

I'm in the process of digesting the rest of the discussion. It is hard because I value your input and would like to honor everyone's ideas, but at the same time sometimes compromises must be made. So I need to think about this and then draw some conclusions about what to do.

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OK so I posted the new thread.

What I posted there is basically the same as what we already had, I figure I better get moving with setting a deadline and getting this thing started, then if we need to, we can still iron out details.

Basically, I know it sounds like an excuse, but right now life is totally kicking my ass. I don't really have the capacity to do more than run the simple competition and coordinate the viewing party. While I would like to see this grow into something bigger with more promotion and potentially prizes or other incentives, I don't think I am the right person to steer this in that direction. If somebody else would like to step up and take the OCRMVC to the next level (and we think you are responsible and organized enough to do it), then I would be happy to pass the torch. Otherwise, I guess we will just leave things at this for now.

All that being said, I might as well share my thoughts on this discussion anyway:

- On promotion: I think your ideas are good, I hope we can find some volunteers to make a banner and/or a trailer. I can talk to djp/Larry/OCAD to see if we can get more help with promotion. As for a trailer, it's true it would have to reach the right audience. All I can think is to just link it here in the forums and pass it around on FB or wherever else you know other people who would be interested in this sort of thing.

I will be going to Katsucon this Friday, and we will be showing one of the OCRMVs there, and I will talk about it and promote it, so that's something at least.

- On prizes/incentives: I have mixed feelings about the issue of prizes/winners. I think it has the potential to add an extra dimension to the challenge, but at the same time, it also introduces complications. Right now, we don't even have winners or any kind of judging system, so that would need to be worked out. So yeah, I think there would have to be a lot of discussion in order to move in that direction.

- On "claiming" tracks: I could ask people to state what remix they are doing a video of, and we can keep a public list of that. But, should we really preclude people from doing videos of the same song? I would be inclined to say that we shouldn't have a rule saying that's not allowed. For example, around the time of one of the previous OCRMVCs, OA had put out a call to make a video for Wanderer on the Offensive, so at least a few videos of that remix were floating around. To my recollection, only one of them ended up getting submitted here, but if more than one had, I would hardly want to discourage somebody from entering it. So yeah, in conclusion, maybe we can just keep a public list of what people are making videos of and just suggest to people to pick different remixes, or at least have it out there so that you can pick one that hasn't been picked if you feel strongly that you want yours to be unique. Anyway, with 2,000+ remixes, I don't think there's that great of a chance of having repeats anyway.

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