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Hi :D I'm new here :D All my songs so far

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I listened the the strings one and heroes and They were pretty good.

Heroes ended up getting pretty boring, I think you need it to develop to something more. It doesn't really "feel" like heroes to me either. It's too relaxed for that. like the guy before me said, lyrics may be a good idea for that.

the string piece was good, but I really think you could have taken it somewhere a bit more exciting, you had a really solid foundation for something really epic.

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You're no noob to mixing lol, I am; I could stand to get some tips from you. How long've you been doing this? What library and daw do you use?

Really good stuff you have here, I agree with some of the other post, the beats in your songs kinda lend themselves to asking for lyrics, but they're extremely solid instrumentals.

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Long story I'll tyr to keep it short, I been making beats since I was 16 as a hobby...

At around age 21 I had made about 3000+ songs on FL Studio Demo...

I saved my songs by basically saving the piano roll and opening them and re-adding the instruments every time I went back to a song, a tedious process...

At around 19 I got known in my area and eventually was invited to studio sessions where I never got to finish any song as the place was raided and shutdown on class A drug distribution charges (crooked owner) everything was Seized and never returned, I couldn't do anything about it...

Back to the drawing board, I satrted over again, badluck hit me again this time with my manager (he was 18!) imprisoned for murder..

I went back to education and left music...

I decided to quit music completely but only recently I came back to it after having successfully started my own businesses mainly car hire and Property sales and lettings.... with only half the inspiration I had then, it's tough but hopefully I can get back into it, I had some amazing songs in my school and college days I wish I could remake them but I can't get the drums right (I think I suck at drums, most of my new songs mostly have drum samples).

All I have is my PC, PC Keyboard, FL Studio, No special VST in particular, I use SF2 soudnfonts quite a bit for my strings and pianos, sound cheap but get the job done for now, I have no intention of investing further unless ofcourse I can make something of it worth my while, so for now I'll have this standard setup...

Hope that wasn't too long lol:<

Anyways, yes my mixing is simply stock FL Limiter and Sound Goodizer on the Master mixer channel and reverbs on instruments and slight panning, no EQ whatsoever...

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Hey. Some good stuff you have on your channel. I just subscribed and sent an invite as a friend. I can't really help you in terms of mixing and mastering and all that. I'm in the same boat as you haha. My approach is very similar to yours.

I'm sorry to hear about your experiences in the music industry. It seems as though it was very bad luck. However, I'm glad you have decided to go back to it. There's no getting away from doing something you loved doing, right? Follow your dreams. It's the only reason we're here after all.

I have also started with FL Studio back when I was 15, but it seems you've made many pieces music, much more than I have haha.

On a critical note, I do feel these pieces lack a good melody whether it be for instruments, voice, or even rap. I love the backtracking you have it for though. I just feel it's begging for a melody on top. But I commend you for doing a good job thus far. :)

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Wow. This is some really good stuff. "Above All", "From Light to Darkness", and "Heroes" all send me spinning a bit.

I've just started getting into the mixing myself...and I thought I was doing pretty well. I'm not anywhere close to this good though. You definitely shouldn't sell yourself short with things like these to back you up.

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thanks guys, here's another new song I just put up on youtube


it's called Can't forget, yes that is the cover of Unchartered 3 but I couldn't find another picture lol

appreciate the comments! Oh and Time's Oprhan, my mixing is literally NIL!!

I simply add a limiter and a sound enhancer to my master and the rest is just panning!! my mixing is bad but hopefully one day I can find some time to practise! i prefer to make the song! lol

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Hello from a fellow OCR noob!

Mixing is a crucial part of making song in my opinion. Recently (literally within the last week) I finally got the hang of basic compression/EQing and it makes such a drastic difference in the final production.

Once you do it you'll never not do it.

On a side note though, the tracks sound mixed :tomatoface:

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