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OCR Music Video Challenge 4


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Commented everyone's video. Entries were phenomenal this time. :)

I better do that soon, I'm actually working on a comedy skit video now as this has inspired me to make my channel more active in general, not just music videos.

I have actually had an idea for a live action video for a while, no not 'Pirate Shout' yet I'll do that when I have more money. Who knows I might make this next video before the next competition. Which makes me wonder, if I make something before the next competition and show it public-ally could i still have it shown in addition to a new main entry, because the wait could be too long with how inspired I am at the moment.

Great work everyone and I am becoming even more psyched for each consecutive challenge.

Thanks Dio for organizing these and the phenomenal effort of your music video this time shows that you take this really seriously.

I was worried about picking favorites but since other people have done it I'll say diotrans Insomnia of course and Chernabogue's Pokemon.

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Between having problems with my internet, as well as my video editor, as well as other unmentioned issues, I wasn't able to get my video uploaded in time. Sorry.

Oh well, means I'll have to start putting ideas together for the next competition!

Edit: Oh yeah! The entries are pretty rockin' too!

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I got around to watching all of the videos posted in the chat log. The Insomniac Skies video was great! I was digging the violin shots in particular; very nice. So sad that Aaron left you! =P

Thanks, Kaleb! I wondered what you might think when you saw the pics of me and Aaron, LOL.

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Forthcoming! I thought I'd just give it another week, and then announce it. I hope that's OK with everyone. I just didn't want to have another super long OCRMVC where all the momentum dies because everybody thinks they have forever to do their video >.>

BTW I updated the OCRMVC YouTube Channel with the promo video and a playlist with the latest set of videos. Duly noted that it could use some decorating so I quickly just changed the theme colors ^_^; If anybody wants to volunteer some artistic skills to make a nice background image or something for it, that would of course be welcome .)

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