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VGM Hip-Hop Beats


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figured it'd be alright posting this here after not finding any threads on hip-hop after searching.

i came by this track the a few days ago by way of a friend, and its been in my head quite a bit since then. the source tune is from Chrono Trigger; id name it, but you'll know as soon as the track starts. i can't say too much for the lyrical content in this particular song, but the track was produced by a guy named brandun deshay, who seems to be known for his chip-tune/VGM inspired tracks.

anyway check it out; i figured folks here would appreciate it to some degree: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw68hYsSIIE

brandun deshay: http://brandundeshay.com/ he's got all his works posted for free DL if you're interested. you can also punch his name into youtube and find a ton of his tracks.

EDIT: felt like i had posted this in the wrong place, sorry bout that; thanks for moving it.

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that nas/bomberman 64 mashup was impressive; didn't think it would fit all that well. looking forward to listening to more of these. and I've really enjoyed most of everything people have been posting here, particularly tonedeff who i was unaware of until now (still got 'move in, ride out' in my head). anyway, great posts so far -- please post more as things come your way.

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Maja - Great rapper from Phoenix, focuses on anime and video games.


Random - A lot of video game stuff, he just did a whole album based on FF7 rap.


Godric Johnson - more video game themed rap.


Team Teamwork - They mix rap music with video game beats, unlike the previous guys who actually make their own rap on top of video game beats or original beats.


Safetywords - More video game themed hip hop.


http://www.mediafire.com/?6ac4o4zfofvsfx9 - 8 bit mixed with Wu Tang music.

Turbo - Has a number of Street Fighter based songs, other stuff is kinda random, all of it pretty good IMO, seeing as has made most of his music under the age of 21.



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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1-XI8tzx5I I was never sure where this sample came from... But it might be Final Fantasy? *shrug* XV is pretty dope, by the way. I'd definitely suggest checking out the Please, Hold mixtape.

ah this is the dude that did black & yellow; don't really know him for much else than that (and the remix purp & yellow which is great, go lakers :D). good stuff, i'll have to look into him a bit more.

I suggest checking out the mixtape "How Fly" by Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa. It's a great collaborative effort and perhaps one of the best mixtapes of 2009 (at least, one of my favorites). I didn't love it the first time I listened, but upon second rotation I was just kinda like "this is chiiiillllll".

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