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OCR02397 - *YES* NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams 'Lucid Dream, Latent Gate'


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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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Dream Gate

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ok, so: fun story time!

November 13th, 2010, shortly before midnight, my sister (who goes by

Zelter online [/plug])

shows me this awesome new game she found: NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams.

She shows me a video of the gameplay, commenting about how fun it

looks, and mentions that the music is great too.

She plays me her favorite track. I listen to and notice: it is

awesome. I must remix it.

And so, I spent the 14th --my birthday-- laying down the basis for this track.

...and then the next three months making it better. (thank you

everybody that commented on this in the WIP forum!)

At some point, I got my sister to provide her vocals, which I used

extensively. ;)

technical details now:

the original has three parts (pretty much yeah):

0:00 - 0:19 = (part a) three chords

0:19 - 0:38 = (part B) toybox melody

0:38 - 0:58 = (part c) keyboard rolls

my song uses each piece like so:

0:00 - 0:11 = a (very loosely)

0:11 - 0:43 = a

0:43 - 1:14 = b

1:14 - 1:29 = c

1:29 - 1:45 = a

1:45 - 2:15 = a...some more

2:15 - 2:29 = c

2:29 - 3:16 = b

The sound and style of the song was influenced by Aphex Twin's


" and

"Xtal", and also



...and finally, in the event this does get posted, I'd like to shout

out to Mazedude: thanks for not only getting me into remixing, but for

getting me into making music entirely. You're awesome. :D


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I really enjoy the unconventional treatment of this, and think the source is lovely, but the bass is killing this for me. The third note it's playing is a half step up from the original, and the dissonance i'm hearing throughout because of that is very distracting, and it comes up every measure. :/

The instrumentation itself is pretty nice, especially all the reversed stuff, and everything sounds like it gels, except it seems there's a bit missing in the low-mids, and the bass sample, being so exposed, sounds really cheapy and dry compared to everything else.

The arrangement itself, while using a cool concept, meanders a bit, and I think a little bit more structure would also help this out. A bit of revision, specifically targeting the bass would really make this shine.

No, please resubmit

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I really like the sorta experimental arrangement ideas here, reminds me of Cornelius. I don't really have any issues with the mix.. even the dissonance in the bass OA mentioned didn't bother me personally, though I do agree that bass sample is a bit cheap, and could use just a lil' more oomph. it fits with the somewhat lo-fi vibe you have going but I think a thicker synth bass may have been a better fit. regardless, I'm down with this as it is.


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Wow, VERY cool source tune. Very interesting, especially the vocals. The arrangement breakdown was definitely much appreciated!

Definitely feelin' this arrangement. Lots of Shnabubula-style sounds & samples in there. Can't say the notes bothered me anywhere, maybe I just don't have as sensitive ears as OA.

Was definitely feeling the overall minimalism here, and loving the mood and dynamics of the piece the entire way. I love how this one's leaving all the YES's pretty speechless. Count me in, this is strange, awesome stuff that I can't describe. It's interpretive and it works. I love it.


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The third note it's playing is a half step up from the original, and the dissonance i'm hearing throughout because of that is very distracting, and it comes up every measure. :/

Holy crap I didn't hear it at first because it's so low and I'm listening pretty quietly right now, but yeah this is a dealbreaker. Fix that up and get back to us. No way can we pass it like this.


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Interesting mix. This reminds me of the ReMixer Radiowar or artists like Zero 7. Kind of a minimal style but it works with those nice backing pads. The production isn't flawless (kick is too loud) but the arrangement is cool and there are plenty of little touches that make up for the blemishes. Good stuff.


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Not sure why the bass would bother anyone except source purists, but to each their own. Thought it sounded fine in this context, no dissonance at all. The song was a little thin, but I thought it was above the bar. The backing pads give me a really warm feeling, and though the song is a little noodly, the new writing is nice. I like.


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