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bjkmenu radio LIVE@7pm Eastern Saturdays on Arecibo Radio


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Hello OCR. I've been doing test shows on Arecibo Radio for a little while now and I think I'm ready to get serious about this.

I do a live show on Saturdays at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific) Time on Arecibo Radio

When you listen, you can chat live with me in the Arecibo Live Chat Room.

I would prefer that you participate in the chat during the show because I constantly check the room for requests and general banter.

I really enjoy the interactivity that is possible with this show.

About the show:

Live playing, usually guitar and a little keyboard on top of vg tracks/loops/remixes. I also sing and jam to other types of music, live.

Music selections: I have an OK collection of VG OST's that I play in between requests or other random setups. I also work in DoD, OCR, and other fan-made

remixes during "breaks".

The listeners rule: I try to make the show about the listeners and try to take any and all requests. I may fail, but at least I tried!

I also have the ability to take skype calls. Add me to your skype list: I am billcaker on skype.

You may get on the show with an impromptu interview of sorts. lol.

bjkmenu radio archives

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i was on the show and it was a lot of fun

My favorite parts are the "bullshit song" and when Ben and I were making noises at each other XD

we definitely need to do that again. i'm a heterosexual man, but I get angry when attractive females wear tight clothing at the grocery store.

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