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Angry Birds


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There are many YouTube mixes of the song, but few are good.

I find these ones to be the best (just for inspiration):

Angry Birds on piano


Angry Birds Timothy Allan Club Remix

Electro Resistance - Angry Birds (Original Mix)


Funny Mash-up


I wish someone could make a trance or electronica remix with more power in the main theme :)

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While I'd love to see a remix on OCR, what I like about this theme is that there are already a ton of remixes for it, by the original composer. Check out Angry Birds Seasons and Rio for some awesome renditions (including a salsa version in Rio).

Cool. Actually I just have it as a 'mini' on my ps* so i've never played seasons or rio. thanks.

and, of course, thank you to whoever might be remixing this. I listened to the youtube mixes, but some of them are really lacking. the piano rearrangement was definitely awesome, though.

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