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  1. This is wonderful. What's interesting is that the only other PM:TTYD mix on the site also incorporates material from other sources. This is not a bad thing - I just find that to be an interesting tidbit. Also, we need more Paper Mario mixes. That is all.
  2. Woot Profile Feed status updates yeah

  3. OH MY GOODNESS I was just playing this game last week on my very old Windows XP Work Computer and thinking, "There should be a ReMix of this background music because it's so awesome!" AND NOW THERE IS AND IT'S AMAAAAAAZING
  4. Okay but seriously, I have not been able to stop listening to this entire album since I downloaded it yesterday. It is SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and a true work of art. Thank you, Sebastian, for sharing this with us, and to OCReMix for making it possible. One thing I especially want to highlight is that I love the performance aspect. Not just the videos with the music scrolling along on the bottom, but just everything about it. In this piece especially, you can hear Sebastian breathing as he plays. As a brass player, I understand how important breath is to music, but a lot of people don't realize how important breath is for a string player also. To me, it's a sign of just how much you put of yourself into this arrangement and into the performance of it, and I think it's wonderful.
  5. I have been listening to this all day long. It's amazing. My definite new favorite. I crave more.
  6. Anybody who believes that all OCR does is post the same stuff really needs to see this latest mixflood - the juxtaposition of this track with the Xenophobe one right before it clearly showcases just how diverse this site can be. LOVE this track - I too am a sucker for time signature variants. Well played, and I want to hear more!
  7. OH [insert expletive of your choice here] YES!!!! My favorite ReMixer, my favorite character, my favorite track from this really great game - there is no end to how awesome this is. Permanent spot in my top Remixes list.
  8. SO GLAD Donkey Kong Land made it on to the album. Often overshadowed by the Country series, the Land games held their own - especially with the limitations the Game Boy had - Rexy nailed it in her comments. DKL was the first Game Boy game I ever owned, and I played it to death. This track is great and is making me nostalgia so very hard (as is the entire album). It sounds great, it grooves great, and I love it. YAY!
  9. I don't know if my opinion means anything or not, but I actually REALLY like the new favicon.
  10. Unfortunately I'm not in San Francisco myself, but I am considering moving there fairly soon. Might be nice to know of an OCR community out there to get connected with.
  11. LuigiFan


    When I was a young boy, I received as a birthday present the original Playstation, and with it one game. This game was called Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. That game shaped my now love of all things video games. A platformer with some unique character design, fun levels, and a great soundtrack. Note: When I say "great soundtrack," I mean seriously great soundtrack. I highly encourage anybody to go look it up. I was considering asking someone to ReMix it here (or giving it a shot myself), but the original is so great it's hard for me to think about how one might make a unique ReMix out of it. I have to know - has anybody else heard of this game? Or am I just spouting off nonsense here?
  12. I REALLY like the way the SMW Castle theme works its way into this mix. Once it started playing I was like, "Hey, that actually works supremely well." Good stuff.
  13. Love this. DEFINITELY hear how it could have been tied to Skyward Sword's Lanayru theme (or even OoT's Gerudo Valley). Sounded great too.
  14. Not only is this arrangement sick as heck, but it's just absolutely well executed. The quality of the sound is just wonderful. Thank you so much.
  15. I had no idea. Coolness! Definitely checking out all of them. Would still love to see an "official" OCChristmas album.
  16. Has anybody else thought of this? Can there be a Christmas album of some kind? Obviously too late to put this together for this year, but a future Christmas? It could feature Remixes of winter levels or from Christmas NiGHTs or both. Just an idea - anybody want to make it happen?
  17. Bloody Tears is my favorite Castlevania track, and up until this point, Sixto's take on it has been my absolute favorite. JM just blew that one out of the water with this mix. It's hot, it's sexy, the beat sticks with me - man I do love this. Definitely going to go check out the rest of VLAD - if this track is any indication, EDM is a good hat for JM to be wearing.
  18. I suddenly had a weird idea for a ReMix of the music on the Home menu of the Wii. Something trance-ish or similar. I think it would be most awesome.
  19. I love this so much. I have no negatives. I haven't even listened to the whole album yet and this sits up there with one of my favorites. Props. Oh, and Codamadius, I do believe the original Donkey Kong eventually became Cranky Kong, as the canon goes. I think.
  20. This is really awesome. Ziwtra's stuff usually is - I especially loved all of his offerings on Humans + Gears (especially Of Sea and Fire). I'm not familiar with this soundtrack or game at all, but you make me want to check it out. The style of this ReMix is also so awesomely unique it sticks out instantly in my brain and makes me want to keep listening. Keep up the great work!
  21. I just want to second this request...I have fallen in love with Angry Birds and it needs some OCR love. The song is just too darned catchy NOT to ReMix...
  22. I think my favorite part is the use of the sound bytes. Obviously the "HEY LISTEN" but also the Ganondorf laugh and the "Almost out of health" sound - well done.
  23. My morning has been devoted to listening to this album, and I must say that it is quite excellent. I've been playing Pokemon since Red/Blue/Yellow (and I still play - definitely picking up White version in the near future), and so hearing all these ReMixes calls to mind wonderful memories. Negatives for me - a bit of an overabundance of chippiness, but that's just my own personal preference. Having said that, the source material really lends itself well to that style of ReMixing, so I'm not complaining too much. Some of the tracks are also very short, and I find myself wanting more. Personal favorite tracks on the album: Drowning Blue [the old version stood out to me too, and the updated one is even better], Clash of the Titans, Argent Vexemon [i dig that bass line so much], Super Effective and.....Jiggly Choir. Keep up the great work, OCR - this album and Heroes vs. Villians have been outstanding and have permanent spots on my daily playlist.
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