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OCR02242 - Final Fantasy XIII "Blue Skies"


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A really interesting mix that integrates such an airy vocal set with such a thumping background in a way that I didn't expect... and yet, it really seems to work! I find myself nodding along and enjoying the juxtaposition. So happy you stepped up and did a FF XIII mix (of which I hope there are more) and it was such a success!

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What. What is this. I didn't say a thing on this ReMix? C'mon son! This is a fantastic example of Drum & Bass with Dubstep done well. I love both genres, but this manages to mix both together without a grating quality, repetitiveness, off-putting qualities, excessive abrasiveness, or anything like that. There's definitely some extremely tasteful glitching, and I love it. I downloaded this back when it was posted, so just to be absolutely clear... THIS IS BOSS.

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