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Sonic Spinball

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Damn, that would be cool. I never made it that far in the game, but that song sounds awesome.

I'm not too sure about the remixability of it, but my favorite music from this game is that of Lava Powerhouse. Now,

isn't submission material, but it seems to be heading in a good direction.

EDIT: I think I like that cover because it reminds me of mAEt b0y :D

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Sadly it is underremixed. I've always wanted to hear someone tackle the boss theme. There are a couple, though:

This old WIP from EonBlue, who sadly never finished it despite huge potential: http://www.kngi.org/miscstuff/EonBlue%20-%20Sonic%20Spinball%20-%20Toxic%20Caves.mp3

A DoD entry from tibone, which isn't the greatest thing out there, but it's still pretty cool: http://www.dwellingofduels.net/searchresult.php?search=Spinball

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  • 4 months later...

The game did have some really good music. I think Howard Drossin ( He did the music for The Ooze and Comix Zone) also did the music for this game as well.


On a side note, the furthest I ever got to in the game was the Lava stage. lol


I was able to beat it though some years later.

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