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*N/A* X-Kaliber 2097 'Psy-Kaliber 2097'


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This remix is 10000x better than the sources - Deia

Hello OCR!

Hasn't been that long since our last submission (only 6 months or so this time!), hopefully time to turn it around. :)

This time our mix comes from a very awesome SNES game that I doubt many have played -- but I certainly played the crap out of it when I was a kid.

One that that always struck us as kids was the music. Psykosonik (who also did some tracks for the Mortal Kombat movies, which you can immediately tell if you listen to the XK2097 Soundtrack) really made something simple yet effective for the soundtrack. I thought it was the mood and driving force that the music set that really brought the game's punk-rock type theme to life!

Also, we don't know what we have in common with the number 2097.


Your ReMixer name: Digital Element a.k.a. DigiE.

Your real names: Maurice Willems & Sanjay Sampatsing.

Your email address:

Your User ID: 2761

Additional details:

Name of game(s) arranged: X-Kaliber 2097 (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Name of individual song(s) arranged Main theme / Stage 6 --- (

) - Stage 4 --- (
) -- This is a gameplay video. We couldn't find the stage 4 theme separately on youtube. Our apologies.

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.: This is the kind of music, from the originals that is, that really spoke to us back then. It was completely hard hitting and in your face from the very beginning.

Great baselines for the most part, the melodies were hard to find so we were forced to experiment here and there and toss in a few homages for good measure. We hope you like those. ;)

We had a lot of fun making this track, and we hope you guys have as much fun listening to it as we did with the makings... of it! I think that sounds right.

Link to Remix:

Remix Name: Psy-Kaliber 2097



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The source had some good stuff in it, but was killed by some bland sounds and a lack of energy.

Miraculously, that is what you provided here, taking the great bassline and elements from the originals and made it REALLY EXCITING. There is a good deal of source used, but also a lot of expanded original material, but not so much that the source feels marginalized.

Overall, kickass stuff. I really enjoyed it.


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Going to agree that there's some really cool stuff going on here, but I feel like at times there's a lot of filler going on that could be cut out. When stuff is going, it's great, but I feel like this could be trimmed down a little. I might be in the minority here, but for now, gotta say


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Wow, rockin energy here guys. Andrew's right, vast improvement here from the original. Plenty of energy here with all of the distorted synths and high pacing. I thought the half-time section in the middle was an EXCELLENT changeup that had me nodding my head.

There were a few production issues I'll point out. Balance could use a little work. For example, at 1:15 the crunchy bass synth is featured prominently, while the melodic synths are in the background, washed out in reverb. In general, there were some pretty heavy bass freqs present throughout, especially in the intro, which come across a bit overpowering to other elements.

The connections to both original tracks were clear, but you also incorporated lots of changeups, creative effects, & modulations to make your mix stand apart. I'll also point out that there was some very nice transition work here, guys.

To DA's crit, I can see where she's coming from as the last 2 or 3 sections, while not rehashes, didn't feel like "necessary" additions (I'm talking pretty subjectively from a song energy ebb/flow and progression standpoint). Still, though, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the track; so the length & progression isn't a problem for me.


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The translation of the rather-clunky sounding sources into something super-upbeat and energetic is REALLY selling me on this mix here. I'm always impressed by the stuff that DigiE brings to the table but this mix really blows me away, in terms of style and arrangement. The cool shuffle changeup midway through is a really welcome change of pace, and does a lot to keep things from growing too tiresome. While I can see how Deia might feel like this is too repetitive/has too much filler, to me, there's a huge amount of changeups throughout the arrangement that keep things sounding fresh all the way throughout. At no two points in the song did I feel like I was listening to something I'd already heard enough times to get tired of. The balance is not always perfect, there's times when your bassline is walking all over the rest of your sounds, or the leads aren't coming through as loud as they should be, but in light of such a killer arrangement, it's small potatoes.

I really like this, you guys :-) You're a consistently welcome addition to my trance/upbeat electronic playlist whenever you submit something new.


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I think it's going to turn out this isn't eligible to be posted.

Their first album, Psykosonik, was a hard-hitting techno album with cyberpunk-esque lyrics. Songs from this album were featured in the Super Nintendo game, “X-Kaliber 2097”.

Will look into it more, but the dates (Feb. 2, 1993 for the album vs. Feb. 11, 1994 for the game) aren't looking good.

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Forgot to update this a while back, but after NemesisTheory/Maurice was made aware of the potential issue, he looked into as well, and it matches the info I found on Psykosonik and the creation of the music being prior to the game.

Hey Larry,

You guys were absolutely correct about the songs not being written specifically for the game "X-Kaliber 2097". I did some quick research on this after reading about the eligibility flag in the To Be Judged topic, and to my surprise it's totally spot on. I've found at least one source we've used (Song is called: Welcome to my Mind, performed by Psykosonik, and main theme of XK2097) that even has it's own music video. I guess by definition that means we're outta the race. ;(

I can't find the one we remixed the most on it, but I'm sure it's there on their self titled album "Psykosonik" too. Sorry about this, I really should've looked into it further before submitting it.

In a small light of hope, they did arrange it themselves for the game but considering the melodies are mostly straight lifts from the original(s) I don't think it will make any kind of difference.

Thanks for your time,

- Maurice Willems.

Unfortunately, that confirms it's ineligible as source material for OCR, so the submission can't be posted.

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