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Sonic Heros Sea Side Hill Fusion arrangment *untitled*

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Froms Sonic Heros "Sea Side Hill"

I Dont usually make tracks like these in ableton but hay....... cub>able

DL for the best

PLAY LOUD WITH SPEAKERS XD and have good decent sub woofs :P

I will make electronic music later, but i prefer using my guitar and using sampled instruments more then electronic tracks.

I will fix mixing issues later when i get a stable cpu to mix on XD


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Wow, pretty nice. It definitely needs a little, just a tiny bit, of electronic backing. Maybe a little bit of bass here and there? Any way you leave it, it's great. Some nice guitar work! I wish you had made it longer, though. The song picked up about halfway through and I was like "Yeah!!" and then it ended. It's gonna be awesome when you finish it. Can't wait.

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Oh my God, I totally forgot about this song! Thanks, now I'm digging through a pile of games looking for Sonic Heroes :P

Back on track (hehe, pun), I really like your mix so far. The guitar, as stated before, is abit rough, but the overall idea is pretty cool. I'm liking it!

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The Good:

Dude, that guitar sound you've got for the backing/rhythm guitar is so sweet and so mellow. It really sets a distinct mood for this track.

There's some real potential with that lead guitar when you break into the full set of instruments. I like the melodic line itself, and it's some nice playing (at least to a non-guitarist). Do something to bring it out more, as it's a little buried in the mix. Some EQ cutting on all the instruments and the drums could really help open it up here.

This mix is really going to go somewhere if you keep it up!

The Bad:

It sounds like there's a bass in the beginning. I'm not sure if there is one playing really quietly, or if it's low frequencies bleeding over from the rhythm guitar. If it's the former, turn that base up a tad. If it's the latter, I'd recommend fading or cutting some of the lows out of the rhythm guitar. It'll really open up the song when all those instruments start piling onto each other.

The transition is a shade rough. It's not altogether unfitting, but I'd suggest leading in with some minimal drum work (maybe brushes on the snare?). That, or really give it a big dump of awesome sound after a nice pause to accentuate the change in style.

Other Thoughts:

I dig it. I'm not overly familiar with the source, but I could definitely jam to a completed version of this. Good work!

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@Reverended, Its was a bit too much lows on the bottom notes, I did not Eq the lows alot but it should bleed less.

and @ another fourm who said my solo should be WAY louder then all my instuments.... http://soundcloud.com/aires/sea-side-wip-1-1-2 the solo and the tone is not the same in the real version (the solos on this one is rushed but the panned rythems are perma), this is just telling a guy on another fourm that making the solo the loudest shadows the other instuments.

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