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Zelda: Majora's Mask - Song Of Healing (Ambient Reconstruction)


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Hello again. Just got this remix done and uploaded:

The structure is basically that it alternates between some plucky xylophone sounds and futuristic Vangelis-esque pads. Aswell as including the original melody, I've made some alternate versions of the melody both in the first 2mins and towards the end of the track.

The project was actually started in 2010 (just after the Last Day remix, I believe) but it took me awhile to get the ideas together. I've been really getting to work on it in the past few days and I feel now it's finally finished. I look forward to any kind of feedback here since in the past I was indecisive on a few things. Hope you enjoy :)

Check here for other Zelda remixes:


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I'm not familiar with the original and indeed it is pretty but there needs to be more variation.

The dynamics are static. Its loud and then just a bit louder. The introduction could either be shortened or given some variation. The panning along with dynamics is very static. Everything is pretty much panned around the centre.

Perhaps try some automated panning or moving of the lead motif between different instruments, it could add some more interest. The main lead bell/marimba is very pretty but does lose its impact as it continues and the same goes for the piano towards the latter half.

The first minute or two is given some flow and movement with the pads, but I feel like it could flow better. Good job, but I think you could have something really good with some refinement and a bit more arrangement. With trying to really nail the ambient feel, the dynamics need to be more sublte and contrasting. Longer crescendos etc. could really enhance this.

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The beggining is quite pretty, I like the samples you used. I don't think the source appears before the 1:30 mark, right?

Anyway, when the source appears I notice that some chords drag on a bit. For example, when doing the traditional B-A-F melody, you use the same chord for 3 bars. Maybe using it for 2 bars and then changing to a lower chord would sound better.

At the 2:05 mark, you could try adding something new. Maybe make the bass change the rhytm a bit, otherwise it doesn't feel that the song is changing.

Overall, I think this song is very pretty sounding, but you could use more variation. Magellanic suggested more dynamic changes, and I think that's what this song needs to be even better.

P.D. Your other remixes are nice too. I love your "ambient" take on the Majora classics!

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1:54 whut?

Other than that, this is beautiful... which is pretty much what I expect from your mixes these days. :D It's a haunting source, but it lends itself to a lot of different styles. This works really well, tho with the occasional weird choice of harmony.

But yeah, if I'm not itching for long ambient tracks, this would probably get skipped a few minutes in. Could be 4-5 minutes of material here, but 7 is pushing it in most playlists.

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The thing with ambient is that it can be any length. My main source of inspiration is Vangelis and he's done some that are nearly 20 minutes long. Ambient is about expression, perhaps more than any other genre, so duration isn't really important.

Also, what's wrong with 1:54? I'd appreciate you explaining it with more words. Other people loved that transition leading into the main theme.

PS: I posted a 2012 version, which is 4mins.

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