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Vertical wallpaper images

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i'm assuming this is a related topic since it's about computers, if not, well, whatever.

i use two monitors on my primary system - a 1920x1200 and a 1050x1680 (22" monitor turned vertical).

there are NO good desktop images with the 1050x1680 image size. i've used the custom search in google images and just get jack. half the results either aren't the right size or are completely unrelated. like, i search "nature", and most of the images are celebrities. sigh. i know people use this, it's just that there's nothing out there, and vertical wallpaper dot com hasn't been updated in years.

anyone got any good vertical wallpaper, or some good images that can be cropped to look good vertical?

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I would think that a portrait of a person would generally be in a vertical orientation and a picture of a landscape would generally be in a horizontal orientation

It gets silly when you've got a portrait in horizontal orientation, or a landscape in vertical. Horizontal and vertical would be a lot better. But it's not like they foresaw internet image searches when this became standard.

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rozo, i prefer pictures of the world over that computer-generated stuff. mountains, skyscrapers, etc.

i've actually found these exact same ones at multiple sites. they're all cut down from stuff found at deviantart and interfacelift and other sites. none are actually originally that size.

a few of these are pretty good. thanks =)

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