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Jeanne D'Arc - The Sword of God (Main Theme)

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The Sword of God

Source (Youtube)

So this is a remix of the main theme in Jeanne D'Arc, quite possibly my favorite PSP game. I wanted to have a sort of live sound and feel. Even thought of adding some audience noise but I felt that might be too cheesy. I also had some rhythm guitars recorded but they weren't fitting very well so I got rid of them. Still needs some lead and guitar solo sections as well as some mixing and EQ work. Any comments or criticism is much appreciated.

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It looks like doomsday is closer than anyone thought.. Sixto on a WIP forum..

Anyway, not sure you find it useful but:

Drums and lead guitar sounds out of mix. More High freqs to drums and reverb with freq cut somewhere around 8kHz and probably same thing to guitars.. Damn.. Who am i saying about production? :whatevaa:

Not sure I want to hear acoustic guitar lead here. 2:36-3:36 section sounds empty, but i'm sure you'll fill it with solos or something. And sometimes I have a feeling that heavy rhythms will blow my brains out, but nothing happening.

Sounds very potential! Want to hear it finished!

Sorry for my english.

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Fffffff yes! I love this game.

I tried tackling this remix months ago and it seemed to be going well, but I just kind of abandoned it to my Soundcloud in the end.

I like the direction of your arrangement but it does sound sparse throughout. A harmonic choir might fill that gap. Anyway, I hope you stick with this. Amazing game, amazing source.

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I was seriously about to post for this in the request forum. Just finished my first playthrough.

Nothing I can say that hasn't been said already, but I would like to reiterate the need for a more dynamic acoustic side. The electric is perfect.

You said you had scrapped the rhythm guitars because they weren't matching up, but due to how much they could strengthen the mix, perhaps you might consider uploading a version with them so listeners can help with suggestions and observations.

Anyways, already on my playlist. :-)

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