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Battlefield 4 trailer

Thin Crust

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Battlefield 3 isn't even out yet, but we already see a trailer for it. I'm not exactly as impressed as I could be. After all the technical advancements, we still don't see any grass. But even without it, it's still got the best graphics I've ever seen.

Yea, I know it's fake. Still a really cool video.

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there isn't a huge selection of weapons other than default "machine gun" or "sniper rifle".

Do not want.

Realistically, most soldiers don't carry more than a primary firearm and a side arm or two. The other variety of weapons are reserved for specialists and don't appear in front-line combat because of that.

So really, this is the most realistic depiction to date.

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I can't wait until games become so realistic that you have to carry your inventory of weapons behind you in a cart pulled by a donkey.

Hey!! They should use that Boston Dynamics Big Dog robot! Haha, that'd be the real deal!

I'm intrigued by BF4 because I've thoroughly enjoyed BF3 so much. With that said, I do feel like it's a bit early, but hey, whatevs.

Hell, if they add bots and local servers, I'll happily pay 100 bucks. ;P

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