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On the Breath of the Wind - Wind Waker Project - Breaking News: SkyRiderX Co-Director!!!!


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Update: 10/01/2013

Still hiring if you can turn a WIP or artwork around fast, please get in touch

All artists: project discussion can now be found at: http://kngi.org/phpbb3/

Let me know if you set up an account so I can give you access to the forums

Latest Update: 07/07/2016

0. Title - Tom Swift - Final wav

1. The Legendary Hero - Pokemoneinstien - Final Wav

2. Outset Island - Argle - Final wav

3. Aryll's Theme - Mark Jackson - Final Wav

4. Grandma's Song - TheRex - Final Wav

5. Pirate Theme - Skyrider X - Final Wav

6. Dragon Roost - TheRex - Final Wav

7. Cursed Ocean - Tom Swift, Asterlius, TheShaggyFreak - Final Wav

8. Forest Haven - Skyrider X - Final Wav

9. Ocean - Rozovian - Final Wav

10. Hyrule Castle - Amphibious - Final Wav

11. Legendary Hero - Argle - Final wav

12. Miniboss theme - Skyrider X - Final Wav

13. Ocean - Tuberz McGee - Final Wav

14. Jalhalla - Chernabogue - Final wav

15. Final Battle - Tom Swift - Final wav

16. Farewell Hyrule King - Tom Swift - Final Wav

17. Farewell Hyrule King - Mark of Two - Final wav

18. Staff Credits - Tom Swift, Mangaman, OrangeDragon, Mark Jackson, Lady Wildfire, Natalya Zarraga, Pixelpanic - 99% done


1. Title -

2 – Forsaken Fortress -

3– Princess Zelda’s Theme -

4- Maritime Battle -

5-Hero of the Wind -

6– Ganondorf Battle -

7– Ending / Staff Credits -

8- Ganon's Tower -

9- ANY OTHER MUSIC from Wind Waker

Due Dates: Please get finished songs in on November 10th 2013!

Anyone with a published remix on this site is welcome to claim a track.

Anyone else looking to submit music may be required to send a WIP before the track is guaranteed to be theirs.

Original Post:

Never mind the 25th anniversary of the series, we're not far away from the 10th anniversary of Wind Waker, which musically may have been a peak moment for the series. Surely that's an opportunity too good to pass.

I'm looking to put together a short album commemorating this oddball of a game which put together so many memorable themes from previous games, and came up with a few of its own.

I'm looking for each song to 'tell a story', not necessarily through vocals but through its atmosphere and ambience.

Around the music I want to convey the actual story of the game using narration and leitmotifs, similar in structure to the way Richard Burton narrates Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds. (If you’re not familiar, please check here for a taste, it is EXCELLENT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSifCF8k27A ).

I think there’s a real scope to bring the ‘legend’ to life using a device similar to that. It should allow us to encompass a range of diverse musical styles, yet tying everything together as a single cohesive piece.

However if you just want to remix music; that’s fine. Fitting the actual narration together and arranging the album as a whole is something I’m happy to take charge of, letting whoever wants to contribute free to simply get on with composing.

If you're interested you, please get in touch. PM me and i'll pass around an email address, and eventually, if people want, sort out a forum where we can compare notes online.

About me:

I have for some years now been working on audiobooks, writing, getting people to record what i've written, editing it to sound professional and in some cases composing music to go alongside what's already there. I'm hoping to release what I've spent (in some cases) five years working on next year (fingers crossed)...

Wind Waker

Such an excellent range of musical cues; a rich and varied soundscape.

I’m looking for anything with a basis in this game, or that shares songs with other parts of the series if necessary, but we can’t complete the album without the songs detailed above.


Well, if everything goes to schedule, I’d LOVE this to be available for the games 10th anniversary… Of course that dates approaching fast and I’ve no idea what kind of feedback I’ll get. If anyone out there was considering looking at a Wind Waker song, or ‘any’ Zelda song, please get in touch.

On the other hand a year isn’t a very long time, so we’ll see.

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I've had a few encouraging enquiries about this project, and speaking to one member has pointed me towards a title for the album; On the Breath of the Wind...

However, I had no idea when making this topic that it was impossible to change the name of the thread. Calling it 'not another Zelda album' was supposed to be a kind of joke but now I can't get rid of it for our formal title.

Are there any moderators who can help?

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I see that "The Legendary Hero" is unclaimed. I'd love to take it, if that's quite alright.

Of course. I'll send you a PM soon to discuss the track.

I'm pleased to say I heard my first WIP today, and it's excellent. A few people have dropped in to claim tracks :), and a few have almost immediately dropped out again :(, but we're slowly building members :).

To reiterate, the project is still open for anyone to join, almost any track to claim, or if you have one 'not' on the list that you fancy chancing let me know and i'd love to talk about it.

Thanks for your support everyone.

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Yeah. I think it would be cool.

If we could find people interested that play folk-y instruments I'd love to take the track as a collab.

I mean, I play Mandolin, Ocarina, Shamisen and Erhu outside of guitar.

But those aren't real folk-y instruments.

It's a fantastic idea, and one i'm very keen to get. But I'm afraid my skills are more arrangement than original composition (yeah, i'm a percussionsit) and i've no access to those instruments besides a very cheap midi sounding soundfont.

If the wind was blowing right and I get a 'lot' of free time and access to the right kit I might be able to add some drums in, or better still get my girlfriend to give it a go on her kit.


In other news I got another first draft the other day, just as fantastic as the first. Keep them coming :)

On my own part I've finallised a rough script with two people and I'm going to get them in studio (sounds professional, actually a spare bedroom with bedsheets on the walls :razz:) between Christmas and new year. I've already composed the backing music for the epic final confrontation, but I need more proper remix songs to fill it out.

So, yeah, right now we're still recruiting, so please join up and take a song. Particularly if you're interested in helping out with this Folk Metal song, i'm intruiged.

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Ooh, Wind Waker! This is awesome! I'd love to help out with this project.

I own some folky instruments that would be perfect. I can contribute Celtic harp, female vocals, tenor and soprano recorder, tambourine, djembe, rainstick, and I recently acquired an Irish bouzouki that could work.

I'd really like to remix a song, and/or collab with others on this.

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Unfortunately, only the people here with pretty sizable wallets, or a lot of Christmas cash to spend can get it :/
Yeah, money is scarce when you're a musician regardless. Haha

Thanks for looking into it though.

I'd really like to remix a song, and/or collab with others on this.
I would be totally down for a collab, your folky instruments sound awesome! :razz:
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Just a heads up, Swifthom: The links for "Ganondorf Battle" and "Farewell Hyrule King" are the same on your original post. Here's the link to Ganondorf Battle:

Definitely looking forward to hearing this one when it's out. :)

Oopps... Orangedragon had already pointed this out but every time I read his sentence I had a momentary brainfreeze... 'Link... Link? What's a Link?'... Oh well, its fixed now.

Ooh, Wind Waker! This is awesome! I'd love to help out with this project.

I own some folky instruments that would be perfect. I can contribute Celtic harp, female vocals, tenor and soprano recorder, tambourine, djembe, rainstick, and I recently acquired an Irish bouzouki that could work.

I'd really like to remix a song, and/or collab with others on this.

The more the merrier. :-P

I'm still keen on this collab for the title track, although if anyting else takes your fancy the free songs are up to date on the first post... The two in orange are two i've seen and been impressed with so hopefully definites (I really, really hope their definites, because their both very different but potentially awesome in their own ways), the ones in pink are ones claimed by people who have yet to produce anything so fingers crossed there.

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I've done first little bit of my remix, entitled "But One of the Legends." It's going to start out like this, and include an oral retelling of the opening story. The second round of the chorus is going to be more fully orchestral, and I'm keeping this part as folk-like as I can without it sounding too underdone. After the legend is told out loud (which will essentially be one loop of the song, just as in the intro to the game), it will pick up into a more remixed version. But unfortunately, due to the long, conservative intro, I'm not too confident it will get accepted. But we'll see where it goes.

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Sorry pokemonstein, this album needs to be a saurprise before release. You can share it around for opinions but can you take the link off the public forum where anyone can see it.

Am out socialising the new year right now and too drunk/hung over to give feedback$ could you pm the track to me so I can give you comment.

Update: Could I ask everyone who'se shown interest in a track to send me their preliminary ideas by the 1st of March. That should give you just under 2 months to put a first draft together. Anyone who misses the deadline is still welcome to contribute but I may start accepting submissions from others after this date.

Edited by Swifthom
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As far as the idea for the Title Track goes, my initial thought was something along the lines of this song,


at about 54 seconds when it comes in with all the drums and such. Bagpipes, choir, drums, electric guitar, bass, maybe some mandolin or a wind instrument. IDK about lyrics. :P

But if a more simple, folksy feel is desired, that would be cool, too.

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