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Mario Kart: Road Rage [Still Recruiting]


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I was thinking about starting a forum generating interest in a Mario Kart record, but then I saw this.

Really, really, really would love to be a part of this. It seems the first post was over a year ago. Are we going slowly? Not sure where you guys are on this and I don't know how active this project is.

But I'd still love to be a part of this. Mario Kart is a fav for me and I know practically every song front to back and back to front. :)

Crud. Two people have stolen RR GCN. Let's see... Menu Theme of GCN is most certainly something I'd do (the one with the piano, right?). If no one's signed up for that one or calling it out (I haven't been looking at previous comments), I'm totally up for that one. Double Dash is my favorite game in the series, and I'd love to remix one of the songs from one of the most nostalgic games for me. If you need "auditions", just check my SoundCloud in the link in my signature.

Thanks! :)

Also, this:

Is there anybody at all interested in this anymore? Anybody who signed up still intending to work? Anybody new coming along and deciding to get working? I'd like to make this real, but if nobody helps, it can't happen.

Listen, I totally want this to happen. Like, for real. I will in no way help direct it, though, and I do not mean to say that in a way that means "why would I direct this??" I simply just am not one who can easily direct an album like this.

I can take two remixes, if that helps. And somehow spread the word (not exactly sure how I'll do that, though)

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Do whatever you please. You don't even need to respect the claimed tracks—it's been a year and nobody's even made a WIP

Well get on it! :P Go and bother the people that claimed the tracks and give them a deadline. That's how they get it done. If you get them back into this and give them a deadline (like, let's just say Feb 1st for just a WIP), then they'll probably do it. People often feel more obliged to do something quicker when they have a deadline.

I'm totally talking as if I have directed something before or could. I just don't have time to be the head of big projects like this when I have other big projects I do of other stuff. :) It looks like Ben Briggs had claimed something. You're gonna want him on this record if he has time and is still interested. ;)

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Believe me, I have. :P

I'm going to let them know their claims on the tracks are up.

Seriously. You set them a deadline and they'll listen. You just have to make sure they're still interested in this.

That's how you'll get this thing going.

I'll take 2 remixes if that helps. But I'm not gonna go and steal so many. xP

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If Rainbow Road for GCN is dropped, it's mine. :P

I think it'd be nice if we had a few more Super Mario Kart songs in this record, such as the original main theme, and the SNES version of Rainbow Road is killer. Battle Mode in SMK is also cool. If any of these sound cool to you, I'm up for remixing one.

The main menu of Double Dash is not very remixable, I don't think, but I could find a way around that and do something with it anyway.

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