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Please vote for my brother's jazz/rock band! It takes 5 seconds. =)


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(Sorry if this doesn't belong in the Community forum. Moderators, please move the thread if it's in the wrong place.)

I'd really appreciate it if you guys did me a small favor. My brother's jazz/rock band wants to play at Rock Otočec, a big rock festival in Slovenia. The organizers are choosing some of the less known bands based on the number of votes they get on their website.

You can only vote once and it takes five seconds (ten if you're slow).

Just go to this site, choose Divje jezero (which means Wild Lake, by the way), and click the button Glasuj (Vote). Type in the security code and you're done.

Here's a link to one of their songs, in case someone's interested:

Thanks a lot, everyone!

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GLASUJed. Listened to the track too, and a few others; I wasn't that impressed with the track you linked (it didn't have that much direction in the way of melody, to me), but I liked some of the others more. They're pretty good though; I hear a bit of Umphrey's McGee and Weather Report in them.

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Thanks a lot for your votes, everyone! I really appreciate it!

Voted! Cause NOW I love this band! And cause I can understand that jazik(?).. WTF?:dstrbd:
I'm from очень восточной Europe xD

I'm glad you liked their music! И да, можно понимать словенский язык если говоришь по-русски. =D

Done. Navigated through the moonspeak.

It's called Slovenian, although I have to admit I like your name better. =D

It's my little way of saying THANK YOU for your contributions to the SD3 project.

You don't need to thank me for that! I should be thanking you! If you hadn't recruited me, I never would have joined.


I love this word. =D

Btw, I voted too, and checked some other songs, they sound really good. Maybe you should make them do a ReMix :mrgreen:

Hvala ti puno! Actually, that's a pretty good idea! If they get a bunch of votes from this community, they might as well give something back to it. =D

I actually dug the tunes man. My vote is genuine, I think these guys deserve it.

Thanks! I'll let them know. =D

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