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Which Mega Man Robot Masters would actually pose a menace?


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This is a thread for speculation - if we wanted to portray reality from the games, Needle Man would be far more powerful than the other bosses from MM3, even though he shoots sewing needles at the blue bomber...

If you wanted to avoid reality, then I win.

Because all of the robot masters suggested would just cause destruction at certain locations. Galaxy Man could just throw the universe in a black hole.

Seriously guys? EMP blasts? Hacking networks? That's it?

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The idea is semi-believable stuff.

We haven't quite mastered the tech to create a singularity just yet.

Of course "semi-believable" is pretty much thrown out the window with robots with names and designs like Quick Man or Toad Man, so there's that.

But Toad Man shakes his belly and causes the sky to cry... indoors...

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