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Reached 90 today on my ever present shaman from the vanilla days. These are some of my observations so far:

The scenery is great. Pandaria looks better than both Northrend and the Cataclysm zones and I enjoy just wandering around it.

Having just reached 90, the endgame content also looks to be much more promising than both of the previous expansions. My biggest issue with WotLK and Cata's philosophies was how they artificially funneled players into the latest raid tier with each patch, and in the process trivialize previous tier raids and dungeons so much that people simply ignore doing them. They seem to be handling things a lot better here, while keeping people out and active in the actual game world in the process.

In spite of being more of a return to form though, a lot of people are complaining over the game just getting old and being the same old thing, and they're very much right. They've added scenarios as an alternative to play now, but these are all very short, trivial and not very engaging. Seems more like they're just testing the waters with this to build more on it in the future as they've said scenarios are meant to replace group quests.

I think the most significant negative change to the game over the years is how Blizzard makes more and more design decisions with each xpack that end up diminishing player interactions in the game (you know, something very fundamental to a MMORPG experience). I don't really have anything against "easy mode" content in itself, but as it is now we've reached a point where Blizzard lets players "experience all the content" with no one in the group or raid ever having to utter a single word to eachother. The removal of group quests, and adding dungeon/raid finder systems in place of players manually forming groups with eachother chip away the situations that usually act as catalysts for socializing and nurturing relationships with the players in the world. This is a pretty fundamental part of what makes MMORPGs different, and without it you ultimately get a pretty hollow experience.

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Arise, thread. WoW Classic is coming out soon. Where are ya'll droppin'? Right now most of my crew is split between Herod (PvP) and Mankrik (PvE). We'll probably spin up a Disciples guild on

what you call catalysts for socialization, i call having to waste untold hours putting together a group to wipe a few times and have it fall apart.

In other news, i hit 90 last night and i absolutely love this expansion. definitely the best one yet.

so much more stuff to do, and stuff i'd actually care to do, outside of raiding. and pandas. and gorgeous scenery. and great story. I'm trying really hard not to log back on so i'll actually go to sleep at some point.

every people, please add me. scrobble#1932 let's do a thing. i'm mostly on pretty late, and i'm in central time.

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Bah, ever noticed how the majority of RPers Horde side are all friggin' Blood Elves? How boring is that? Why stick to the pretty barbie character all the time?

I'm still not gonna play the xpac before the end of the year (wedding dress and immigration fees > WoW) but it's been looking more interesting overall than before, like Gecko said. I'm also a bit concerned about the social aspect of the game, as it's harder for new people to make new friends in general, before getting close to end-game (even then). It also makes it harder for RP servers, where you really have to find a guild or have friends to RP with, instead of something more spontaneous.

Also, if they could finally update the old race models (troll and tauren pl0x)!

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Arise, thread.

WoW Classic is coming out soon. Where are ya'll droppin'?

Right now most of my crew is split between Herod (PvP) and Mankrik (PvE). We'll probably spin up a Disciples guild on both as soon as we have the signatures and the cash gold.

Anyone else comin' back for vanilla?

Also, look, I know shadow priest isn't raid viable, but you'll have to pull that class from my cold, undead hands.

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I'm in on Classic. It's been a lot of fun, especially since that's the only WoW I've played. I had to stop back in 2006, before Burning Crusade showed up.
I'm in Smolderweb, since it was the only realm I could get into after launch! It's a west coast server, which means I get a few east coast hours before the server becomes really crowded.

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