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  1. We moved to North Carolina basically a week before everything got shutdown, was a stressful time. We moved for my wife's new teaching job, of which she's been doing remotely. I had an interview schedule but it's been delayed indefinitely and most of the other jobs I applied for have said the same thing. Besides looking for work, I've been recording lots of podcasts, reading lots of X-Men on Marvel Unlimited, watching lots of Criterion Channel and playing older games like Mega Man X, Sim City 2000 and XIII.
  2. Alright. I edited my Mirror's Edge playthrough with House of Pain's Jump Around for a different type of Let's Play.
  3. I've noticed the forum's lack of engagement with no small amount of sadness, OCR is one of the first online communities I found as a teenager. But, yeah, things have moved away from forums. When I mention I was talking in forum to friends, the give me cocked looks, wondering where the heck that's even a thing anymore. Besides Discord and Reddit, I think Twitter was the beginning of the end. The Cane and Rinse forum is still alive and kicking, if anyone is interested in still active video game forums, apart from this one. I spend a lot of time over there as well. https://caneandrinse.com/forum/
  4. I'm gonna be wearing my OCR t-shirt! If you see me, say hi!
  5. http://www.retrogamecon.com/ Hey! Anyone from the community going to be there?
  6. I think it's a thumping beat with just the right amount of cheese. I'm a sucker for a well used vox, and some of the choices had me chuckling with their well placed timing. It's a cool, fun take on a groovy source.
  7. I want to get some books on music production/mixing for our teen section of the library. Any suggestions? Even if they're not aimed at teens, they'll be good to add and have on hand.
  8. I've never played this game or heard this source before, but I must have this mix on DDR.
  9. If you haven't listened, check it out. This is great show! Lots of tracks I've never heard, too! https://caneandrinse.com/overclocked-remix/
  10. This take feels like it shares some basic DNA with YoshiBlade's DK2 mix, "Be Kind, Rewind", even down to that tape-clicking-in-place sound. I really like this mix and I love seeing the FTL soundtrack getting some love. This listens like it's an extension of an already great source, but this is a bit more groovy. I can feel contemplative, sure, but I can bob my head to it as well. Cool mix!
  11. I like the call and response of the piano and the synth. This track has a lot of energy from the get-go and then finds more in the tank at the 2 minute mark. It's a bright, zippy, full take on a classic from an always reliable mixer.
  12. I'm in on Classic. It's been a lot of fun, especially since that's the only WoW I've played. I had to stop back in 2006, before Burning Crusade showed up. I'm in Smolderweb, since it was the only realm I could get into after launch! It's a west coast server, which means I get a few east coast hours before the server becomes really crowded.
  13. Lion King was brutal. Never finished it. I don't remember it being that much fun, either. Maybe I was just frustrated in that stupid thorn level.
  14. The lack of SNES (my version) is sad. A license issue?
  15. I work at a library and we have a weekly podcast called the All the Books Show. This week, we talked about music we listen to while we read and I did a few supplement episodes about Overclocked Remix. The first was an interview with Liontamer (Larry Oji) about the site, it's history and mission, ect. It was a lot of fun to do and I dug all the behind the scene stuff I wasn't aware of. Larry can just name remixers like a machine. The second was an Overclocked Remix playlist episode I put together with my co-host, Nic. That was a lot of fun to do.
  16. Awesome! I'll be listening! The professionalism is beyond words.
  17. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. Gerudo mixes always come a point of strength with that fantastic source, but I like the way this track is put together. This is one of those takes that sounds like how I remember the original sounding, becoming the new "source", in my mind, so to speak. The whistling is fun, the guitar sounds great and it all just feels right. I remember blaring my TV to play this song on the N64 and then blaring my car radio for this version. I tend to think of the film Desperado while listening to this mix and I hope that comes across as the compliment it's meant to be!
  18. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. The beginning of this mix always gets me. It's nothing complicated, just simple piano with some ambient effects added in, but it's continued to send shivers down my spine after all these years. I don't know if this is the "saddest" version of Terra's theme on the site, but it elicits that feeling for me more than any other. The change at 2:24 makes the track a bit creepier, one that used to remind me of Batman Returns but now evokes the Bastion soundtrack, in my mind. This track easily captures the death on snowfield atmosphere the title talks about and, for my money, is one of AmIEvil's most evocative tracks.
  19. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but I've always liked how smooth and relaxing this track is, from start to finish. It's such an easy song to pick as your first song of a long night of listening. The 1-1 track from the first Mario game is one that lends itself to jazz easily, but this one is just so successful in it's intention, you could easily fit this into a smokey lounge and not bat an eye (aside from all the smokey getting in your eyes). This is one of those mixes that doesn't break the mold but fits into it so perfectly.
  20. I love my SNES Mini but Sega is showing them up in a big way with just the game count. I was never a Sega kid but this is awfully tempting.
  21. It's funny, because it's obviously IS a video game movie, but part of me can't help but think Pokemon is bigger than that. I mean, a lot of the movie felt like an adaptation of the cartoon, and there are people who love Pokemon without ever playing one of the games, let alone Detective Pikachu. Again, it most certainly is a video game movie, but it's also just so entwined in pop culture I'm sure a lot of people seeing might not even know that.
  22. Things are looking pretty sweet!
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