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OCR TF2 Server - Anyone interested in trying out TF2 should join us!


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I shall be on this Friday - I've been busy for the past month or so (went to Las Vegas for almost a week, then to Houston for Zilac & Miss Velociraptor's wedding, then this past week to DC for MAGFest).

Hopefully we can get it going more regularly again!

Edit: correction - I can't hop on this Friday, boss wants to take a remote worker in town to the movies :( .

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1/30 FridayNight TF2!

Come join us for the first new official TF2 Night of OCR!

It's official, night one has been scheduled! Be sure to come on by if you can!

830 ET/730 CT/630 MT/530 PT

I know it may be earlier for some of you, but we're still playing with what times we think will be best for everyone. Also keep in mind, people will be coming and going all throughout, so be sure to check in with us later on, too!

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There have been talks about people wanting to split off to a new community, and the name people came up with is Victory Pit. For those interested in shaping the future of what the community is to look like, please comment here and add suggestions in the comments. Feel free to message me if you have a suggestion that you feel deserves a card.

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We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 2669464.



- Announcing the Taunt Workshop!

- Steam Workshop taunt submissions can now be "Certified Compatible" and are no longer tagged as Beta

- Added 3 new community-created taunts to the Mann Co. Store

- Scout taunt: The Boston Breakdance

- Sniper taunt: The Killer Solo

- Sniper taunt: Most Wanted

- Added Crate #92 to the drop list

- Updated sound vo files to use .mp3 files instead of .wav files to reduce hard drive space

- Fixed a bug related to jiggle bones and cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff

- Fixed an exploit related to material .vmt files and playing on servers using sv_pure

- Fixed the game not running for some dual GPU machines (Mac OS X)

- Fixed a dedicated server crash caused by a Soldier with Mantreads landing on a player with the Warlock powerup equipped

- Fixed an exploit related to Highlander mode and changing teams with instant respawn

- Fixed a bug with the vote system UI when sv_vote_ui_hide_disabled_issues was set to 0

- Fixed an exploit where clients could bypass the name change timer

- Fixed a bug that caused some particles to not draw correctly

- Fixed shadows drawing on some wearables while in first person

- Fixed an exploit related to the Gunslinger and hitting teammates to generate a guaranteed third hit that is critical

- Fixed the Killstreak icon not being positioned correctly in the HUD targetID panel

- Fixed not being able to activate the Phlogistinator's buff using alt-fire when ammo was below the cost of an airblast

- Updated the Mann Co. Store and Armory to not display item levels

- Fixed the Phlogistinator's bottle not getting the crit-boost material effect

- Added a "no helmet" style for the Antlers

- Added the OSL.tf tournament medals

- Added the Florida LAN tournament medals

- Reduced the latency of voice audio

- Updated the equip_region for the Black Knight's Bascinet

- Updated The Little Bear so it can get assists in Pyrovision

- Updated weapons sounds for the axe_hit' date=' blade_hit, and cbar_hit sound effects

- Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents

- Updated the description for The Gunslinger to include the three hit combo

- Updated the localization files

- Mannpower update

- Added new map ctf_thundermountain

- Added new powerup: Knockout

- Restricts the carrier to Melee and Grappling Hook only

- Max health increased by 150

- Immune to airblast and damage pushback

- Melee weapon always crits and forcibly shoves the victim away

- Melee hit forces the victim to drop their powerup or the flag if they have it

- 4X melee damage to buildings

- Grappling Hook changes

- Added hook jump- hit the jump key while being pulled-in to detach and jump extra distance (jump velocity convar "tf_grapplinghook_jump_up_speed")

- Added support for hooking into enemy players

- Release the fire button once the hook has hit an enemy player to draw yourself to them

- Hooked victims will bleed for 2 health per second

- Unhook at any time by switching back to the grapple, or firing it again away from your victim

- Force detach if the hook is not in line of sight of hooked in enemy for more than 1 second

- Sound cue added when hooked by an enemy's grapple

- Added new Grapple weapon sounds and grapple projectile

- Reduced max firing distance to 4000 units (convar "tf_grapplinghook_max_distance")

- Increased hook re-fire delay from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds

- Re-enabled fall damage for the grappling hook (convar "tf_grapplinghook_prevent_fall_damage")

- Fixed grappling hook rope drawing as the wrong color for friendly disguised Spy

- Added Revenge temporary powerup

- Activates and spawns when a significant game imbalance is detected

- Temporarily grants crits, increased fire rate and increased clip size

- Added unique powerup pickup sounds

- Random Melee critical hits are now enabled in Mannpower (ConVar "tf_weapon_criticals_melee 2")

- Strength: Fixed sentries inheriting the double damage multiplier

- Reduced the time it takes a dropped powerup to become available for pickup by 0.5 seconds


Hnnnnnn new taunts! I don't think these beat out the classic schadenfreude, though.

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Server Update for 3/18

The server has been updated to the newest version of TF2. In addition, several config changes have been made.

- mapCycle list has been added. The server will now pick from a more select list when choosing maps to vote on (this means that when nobody nominates, we won't see tc_hydro as a random pick anymore!). The nomination list is unchanged and all maps on the server can still be nominated for voting.

- Map ctf_thundermountain has been added to nominations list

- "Recent Maps nomination" set has been reduced from last 7 maps to last 2 maps.

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I actually had it intentional that all default maps were possibilities in the unnominated voting list - did people not like that?

The server appeared to pick the most unplayed maps as the choices for the map list. So if no one nominated anything, we would end up with the 5 pretty horrible maps.

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Since we've got the forums all upgraded, I want to push for people to start using the forum's built-in calendar functions for organizing community events like game nights and stuff.




You should be able to submit an event for TF2 nights. All you need is a moderator approval on the event, which I can do on a regular basis. Please decide on one person to submit the event. Wes should also be able to do it without the need for moderator approval.

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Big update incoming tonight. Lots of crazy tenative changes.


New feature : Weapon exchange and pick up. Weapons dropped by killed players can no longer be picked up for ammo. Killed players will now also drop a medium ammo box. Players that can normally equip the dropped weapon (proper class) can look at the weapon and press the 'action key' to exchange it with what they have equipped. The player's equipped weapon will be dropped on the exchange.
Inspect Target has been changed to Inspect Target or Item. While having a decorated weapon deployed with no target under the cross hair and then pressing the bound inspect key (+inspect) , an interruptible view model animation will play.
Random Damage Spread is off by default (ConVar tf_damage_disablespread is set to 1).
Auto reload is on by default (ConVar cl_autoreload 1). Existing users will still use their currently set value. This setting can be changed under Advance Options or through the developer console.
Updated various weapon descriptions to better detail the weapon's features.
Class and Weapon Changes 
Spy no longer smacks himself in the face while reloading a revolver (New Spy revolver reload animation that does not block cross hair)
Changing to a new disguise while already under a disguise takes 0.5 seconds instead of the normal disguise time of 2 seconds
In the disguise menu, pressing 'reload' will also toggle the disguise team.
While invisible, Spy receives 20% less damage from all damage sources
While invisible, Spy has reduced timer on debuffs (fire, jarate, milk, bleed)
Decreased the damage penalty on Sentries sapped by the Spy from -66% to -33% (i.e. shooting a Sentry the Spy sapped with a Revolver is now more effective)
Changed fire immunity for 3 seconds to fire immunity for 1 second and 7 seconds of afterburn immunity
Removed silent killer attribute
Spy-cicle recharge timer can now be reduced by picking up ammo boxes
Changed +20% damage bonus while undisguised to +20% damage bonus while disguised
Big Earner
Added 3 second speed gain on kill
Health penalty reduced from -65 to -55 (70 Health total)
Minimum Health gain of 75 on kill
Maximum overheal from Kunai increased from 195 to 210
Cloak and Dagger
Can now pick up ammo kits for cloak meter while visible. Previously could not pick up ammo packs for cloak. Cloak gain is at a reduced rate when compared to stock invis watch on ammo pick up
Dead Ringer
Triggering Feign Death instantly removes 50% cloak meter
Changed increased drain rate to a decreased drain rate. Overall duration of invisibility is still 7 seconds when accounting for initial spend of 50 cloak meter for triggering Feign Death
Decreased cloak regen rate from +80% to +50%
When Feign Death is triggered, the Spy receives a 3 second speed boost
Initial attack that triggers feign death has its damage reduced by 50%
Damage resistance on triggering feign death scales over time. 65% to 20% over 3 seconds
Feign Death stealth has no bump shimmer for 3 seconds
3 seconds after triggering Feign Death, the Spy is under normal invisible conditions (20% armor and shimmers if bumped or shot)
Can no longer pick up ammo for cloak meter while cloaked
Construction boosts (wrench hits, redeploys) from multiple sources is now additive instead of multiplicative. Calculations are based around a 1x base building speed.
Increased base wrench construction speed on hit boost by 50%. Buildings now build 2.5x faster instead of just 2x (additive of 1.5x + base speed)
Teleporters and Dispensers redeploy +50% faster (2.5x without wrench boost, 5.5x with wrench boost)
Building pick up speed penalty reduced from 25% to 10%
On Wrench equip change, buildings no longer self-destruct unless the building type is changed (i.e. Only Sentry explodes when switching from Wrench to Gunslinger)
Building repair costs increased from 20 metal to 33 metal to repair 100hp per wrench hit (from 5HP per metal to 3HP per metal)
Level 2 and Level 3 Sentries have less passive damage resistance against Heavy miniguns. Level 2 Sentry Minigun resistance changed from 20% to 15% and Level 3 Changed from 33% to 20%
Gunslinger / Minisentry
Mini Sentries can now be repaired
Mini Sentries can now be wrench construction boosted
Mini Sentry base build speed decreased. Mini Sentries that are wrench boosted build slightly faster than previously.
Mini Sentries start at 50% health on construction and gain health during construction instead of starting at 100%
Metal gibs from destroyed Mini Sentries no longer grant any metal
Pomson 6000
Uber and Cloak drain decreases over distance from target. Decreases start at 512 Hammer Units (Hu) from target and reach 0 drain at 1536Hu
Ammo and Repair given to a shielded Sentry is reduced by the strength of the shield (66% reduced) when shield is active
Engineer death keeps the Wrangled sentry shielded and disabled for 3 seconds, same as when Wrangler is switched away. Previously Engineer death caused disable state for only 1 second
With the change to Base Construction boost, Jag bonus has improved. 30% increase of 1.5x makes a total of 1.95x (total of 2.95x when base speed is added)
Added +15% swing speed.
Added 20% repair penalty. Repairs will give up to 80hp per swing instead 100hp per swing.
The Short Circuit
Projectile destruction has been moved to alt-fire at the cost of -15 per shot. There is a 0.5s cool down between attempts and refire
Cannot pick up buildings when the Short Circuit is deployed
Eureka Effect
Previous penalties have been removed and replaced with the following
Construction hit speed boost decreased by 50%
50% less metal from pickups and dispensers
Baby Face's Blaster
Added Boost reduction on taking damage.
Increased amount of Boost lost on air jump
Short Stop
No longer uses secondary ammo and now uses primary ammo instead
Healing and knockback passives are only active when weapon is deployed
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Passive effects on the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol are only in effect when the weapon is deployed
Removed +15 max health passive
Added up to +3 health per hit
Changed damage vulnerability from +50% fire to +20% all sources while active
Fan O' War
Now crits whenever it would normally mini-crit
Reduced damage penalty from -90% to -75%
Removed clipsize penalty
Reduced radius penalty from -15% to -10%
Reduced damage penalty from -25% to -15%
Rocket jump blast damage reduction reduced from -25% to -15%
Equalizer and Escape Plan
Changed no healing penalty to 90% less healing from Medics while active
Changed +15 health on hit to +20 health on hit per attack
Changed how health on hit works for radius damage. Is now capped per attack and scales with total damage done relative to base damage.
i.e. doing 45 damage nets +10 health on hit as base damage is 90. Hitting 3 enemies for 45 each for a total of 135 damage only returns +20 health.
Liberty Launcher
Now has +25% clip size
Battalions Backup
Fixed an issue that caused rocket jumps to be decreased when it was active.
Tide Turner
Self damage will no longer decrease charge when charging
Fall damage will no longer decrease charge when charging
Amount of charge taken away on damage when charging reduced from 3 to 1 per point of damage
Bootlegger / Ali Baba's Wee Booties
Added +10% movement speed bonus
Changed 25 charge on charge kill to 25 charge on melee kill
The Claidheamh Mòr
Changed 25 charge on charge kill to 25 charge on melee kill
Changed +20% damage bonus to +20% damage against buildings
Iron Bomber
Removed damage penalty on self-detonate
Reduced radius penalty from -20% to -15%
Quickiebomb Launcher
Damage is now increased based on charge amount when the bomb is fired
Ullapool Caber
Reduced explosion base damage from 100 to 75
Reduced damage ramp up bonus for close range attacks. Now is the same as other explosive weapons.
Added text to describe 100% critical hits on burning targets
Scorch Shot
Reduced damage penalty from -50% to -35%
Now has increased knock back on burning targets
Increased the blast radius from flares from 92Hu to 110Hu
Hits and explosions always minicrit burning targets
Added text to describe 100% minicrits on burning targets
Slightly increased blast jump height when doing a Detonator jump
Increased blast radius from 92Hu to 110Hu
Detonated explosions now also minicrit burning targets
Increased damage penalty to -25%
Increased self-damage penalty from +25% to +50%
Fixed a bug that gave Vaccinator patients full crit immunity.
Vaccinator base resist does not grant any crit resistance.
Vaccinator Uber deploys now always take exactly 1 bar of Uber charge.
Vaccinator Uber deploys give the patient a 2.5 second bubble of 75% damage resistance of the current resist type and full crit resistance to that type. These bubbles do not disappear if the medic stops targeting the current patient. Multiple bubbles of different types can be applied to the same patient or multiple patients given the same resist uber each consuming 1 charge.
Vaccinator uber build now suffers the same penalties as other mediguns when it comes to multiple medics on the same target and max overhealed patients.
Decreased the bonus healing a Medic received for properly selecting the right damage resistance type from 25% of incoming damage to 10% of incoming damage
Added Penalty of 66% decreased uber build rate while healing a overhealed patient
Solomn Vow
Added 10% attack speed penalty
Sydney Sleeper
Jarate now applies on all scoped shots, duration scales with charge duration (2 to 8 seconds)
Bazaar Bargain
No longer lose heads on miss
Collecting a head requires a headshot kill and not just a headshot
Each head boosts charge rate by 25% up to 200%
Charge rate penalty changed from -20% to -50%.
Now requires 2 headshot kills to be back at base speed and 6 kills for 200% charge rate
Changed penalty from +20% fire vulnerability to +20% damage vulnerability while active
Minigun damage penalty on Level 2 and Level 3 Sentries slightly decreased. Level 2 Sentry resistance changed from 20% to 15% and Level 3 changed from 33% to 20%
Added 20% damage resistance while spun up
Stun amount now has distance falloff. Decreases starting at 512hu down to zero stun at 1536Hu
Brass Beast
Added 20% damage resistance while spun up
Now 20% more accurate (less spread)
Increased spin up bonus from 10% to 20%
Family Business
Now has +15% increased attack speed
Warriors Spirit
Now has +10 health on hit
Eviction Notice
Now has 3 second speed boost on hit
Dalokoh's Bar
Now has 10 second cool down on use
Can now overheal up to 400hp
Can be thrown (alt-fire) as a small medkit for other players to use
Lunchbox items
Updated description to note that these items can be thrown (alt-fire) to supply players with a medkit.
Panic Attack
Base Fire rate increased (from 15% to 30%)
Base reload speed increased (from 33% to 50%)
Added increased switch to speed by +50%


New taunts and maps and whatnot, too. Apparently OCR beat the curve this time. Snowplow, Suijin, and Borneo are all maps we've had featured on the server. If you haven't tried them before, be sure to soon!




I'll try to be on tonight to play the update, but it might be a little later. I have scrims tonight.

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From my personal website: VictoryPit Community Night for November 6, 2015


Hello all! I hope you are all ready for community night tomorrow! We have some much needed changes in store, and a few fun extras!
First thing's first, the server's configuration has seen a second overhaul. We have removed some dated plugins and reworked our configuration files. Map voting was confusing before, and I have condensed it down into two files. By default, admins and users alike can now access all maps on the server. However, the map voting options is limited to a subset of popular stock and custom maps. This way, we won't get a bunch of strange or odd votes when nobody nominates anything.
Secondly, admin menus and permissions have been cleaned up. If we can't trust our administrators, why should you? All administrators have been given equal access across the board.
Next up, the removal of reserved slots. While some enjoyed the bonus of first priority, reserved slots have shown to be novelty at best and only seem to serve to drive away new potential community members who feel unwelcome when kicked. As such, they will be retired indefinitely.
All configuration changes can be seen over at the GitHub Repository for the OCReMix Server!
Lastly, what's a community without community? A longtime mapmaker who has showcased on OCR is back again with a new map! After five years in the making, we are proud to host pl_corrode! Let's see what all it has to offer tomorrow night during OCR TF2 night!
Check it out at the Steam Workshop!



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