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Pixel Perfect COMPLETE - now available for full download, physicals still available!


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hahaha, thank ye kindly. same to Mirby, Red Shadow, Brandon, urdailywater, Modus, and everyone else in here that preordered one, it's super appreciated. I will have the discs in about 2 weeks and they are gonna look great, I'm so excited. :D I'll keep you guys posted, I'll be shipping them out and releasing the album the moment they arrive.

No problem, man. Hope you enjoyed dat seller's note. :P

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Are physicals being shipped out for those who pre-ordered? Just making sure there's nothing extra I have to do to get it.

you'll get an e-mail notification once it is shipped. it'll be another week at least before I have them, but they should be shipped out before the end of June. :) sorry for the delay though, I hoped to have had them by now, but there were a few extra steps in the process that I was not aware of.

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I have a story.

I didn't get much sleep last night; I typically have trouble sleeping in general. Lately, I've been listening to VGM or VG-related music at work. I was listening to halc on bandcamp at work but the cheap speakers doesn't do any music any justice ever. So I get home, and play his music again on my laptop. The weather is flipn hot and my room doesn't have much ventilation.. Sorry if this story is weird or irrelvant ..

But anyway, I was listening to "pixel perfect complete" and some of the tracks are so beautifully chill that I literally just drifted to sleep .. I sincerely hope no one takes this the wrong way, like "this music put me to sleep," but I was just so tired and this music was so chill and awesome. I saw that earlier today only 7 physical copies were left, then a few minutes ago there were only 4, so I decided to buy one to support halc. NICE WORK :nicework:

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This album is still awesome. I freaking love it : D One of my favorite electronic albums on my playlist atm.

I really hope I can one day be HALF as good as you when it comes to sound design, halc. Most every sound you used would sound good enough on its own, that's when you know there's some dedication involved in making sure absolutely everything sounded good.

Absolutely nothing cheesy or out of place at all.

The songs have little knicknacks put in that tickle my ears : D especially in the car. The songs don't just sound good, they feel good. :P

Higher Reasoning is my personal favorite so far.

I know you've probably moved onto bigger and better things with the release of Hydrocity and all but atm I'm gonna go ahead put this album down as the best chiptune album out there. Keep up the good work.

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