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OCR02454 - Final Fantasy "Fierce Fairground Fight"


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I think this song embodies exactly what I was going for with the album, but needless to say not everyone can pull off that level of instrumentation or production (he got it mixed and mastered at Razorblade Records, so there's that -- not everyone can do that.) I really hope he pulls through with Magician's Tower for FF2 because even just thinking about that makes my brain's mouth water.

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That hard intro into the fairground/carnival music and back into the hard guitars was pretty sweet. All three sources seem to blend together cohesively, which is a thing of beauty for a ReMix. Appropriately named, well produced and enjoyable to listen to. Damn good addition to this album.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02454 - Final Fantasy "Fierce Fairground Fight"

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