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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (feat. Super Mario 64)


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What's up WIP folks! It's been a while! :)

source 1: Medieval Jam

source 2: Koopa's Road

ReMix: Medieval Koopa Jam (yes, I know, very original ;D )

I've worked on this quite a bit, a little while ago. I'd really appreciate a bit of feedback before I continue, because the genre is very new to me (this is really, really out of my comfort zone!) so yeah, please fire away any critique that comes to mind!

Thanks in advance! :D

P.S.: any title ideas are also very appreciated xD

EDIT: btw, the arrangement is (obviously) not finished, just sayin ;)

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YAAAYYYY DAMONZ!! I'm happy to see you posting again.

Verby bass in the beginning is a bit heavy on the lows; I usually cut EVERYTHING below 30 hz. Stuff below that just adds mud without really adding to the sound. Also try cutting some of the reverb's lows, that could be adding to the mud of it.

Once the song gets going, it sounds like everything is sidechained, but it sounds really awkward on the lead. If it's not sidechained, that bass really needs some work :P

I'll have more in a while, kinda busy atm. But sounds pretty cool so far, I always dig your synth work

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jazzy jackrabbit featuring Mario 64? what the heck is this!?!?!?!


Nice job though, I dig this so far. The beginning reminds me a bit of the original Deus Ex soundtrack actually (which is a good thing). I really like the different textures and instruments you introduce throughout too. The lead synth in the second half of the song has a good sound, but it sounds kind of muffled, I don't know if it just needs some EQing, or maybe trying raising it an octave? I'm kinda busy with some other stuff, but I'll give this a more in-depth listen later.

Nice job to start though! Cool source selection!

OOOH MIX TITLES I HAVE ONE: Koopa Kruisin' cause the beat keeps the song driving ahead and stuff. and yeah I'm not great with mix titles either. Actually I take that back, I'm either really good with mix titles, or absolutely terrible. I have no middle ground.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! And OHAI PH it's nice to hear from you again! :D

Yeah my bass was indeed way too heavy on the lows, I hadn't noticed, thanks man! :)

And yeah, I plugged sidechaining compressors on a few instruments in there (including leads), I thought it might sound cool. As I said I really don't know about this kind of sound, so I'm just kind of exploring stuff with this track xD Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it :)

And thank you SuperiorX, I'll see if I can do something about my lead synth ;)

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i clicked to make sure, then i saw "emery monzerol" up in the left and i thought to myself "aaaaaaw yyyeeeah, it's this guy."

you should bring the clap out more around the second half of the song since it's being drowned by the pad. yeah, imo the pad is the main concern because it's ball hogging like mad crazy.

knowing you and your intense synths and melodies i'm sure that getting the pad out of the way will make the overall sound much better.

nice percussion at 1:47, dunno how much longer you plan to make the mix but i think you should bring that percussion back at 2:33 or much later (in case you're adding more breaks and stuff).

and +1 for jazz jackrabbit music

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I was going to say that 1:49-2:00 sounded too cliche for this genre, but you saved yourself by putting in those drums there:-D

I would like to hear the melody from 2:50-3:04 repeated with the instrument that played at 2:49.

Song starts smoothly, song ends smoothly. I'd rather listen to this than the original. *clap*clap*

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Sounds cool, although I wish that Jazz Jackrabbit music and the Super Mario 64 music were actually connected in some way. Right now it's Jazz Jackrabbit and then Super Mario 64. Combine the melodies, use them as countermelodies, do something. Also, the lead playing Koopa's Road seems to be covering up the drums. Maybe it needs some EQing?

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At around 0:03 - 0:19, watch out with the reverbed kick. Make sure it doesn't have too much low end reverb.

The arp saw wave that comes in at 0:27 should benefit greatly from some modulation effects. You can try some sort of LFO effect that tweens between different waveform shapes, or something like that. Just change up its sound all the time. A good example of this would be the dynamic bass found in zircon's WIP Final Fantasy 6 Setzer's theme remix found on YouTube.

At about 1:10, it would be fantastic if you had something building up to the fantastic synth coming in at about 1:19. Maybe a snare roll, or some effects from Massive if you have it? Dynamic low end growls might work.

At 1:46, the lead (is it the lead, really?) could also use some dynamic variation. Not dynamics, but dynamically changing is what I mean. Don't use really simple synths. Instead, think about how you can improve them even more and not leave the audience waiting for the next section of the song to start, or worse yet, to skip ahead. You could even bring in a 3o3 arp or something to change it up.

At 1:59, definitely put in a new lead for when Koopa's Road comes in.

2:26 seems to be the climax. Go crazy with synth fillers with the left-panned lead, and definitely use a more dynamic lead there too.

At 3:01, the transition there with the frequency shift doesn't quite work. Maybe a snare roll there would be a better signal that the breakdown section is over.

I would love to see this on ocremix! Just work on it more. However, if you don't mind, I would love to collaborate with you on this. What DAW do you use?

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Whoa thanks a lot for all the feedback and suggestions! I'll make sure to look into all of them!

I'd rather not collab on this particular track though. It's kind of a challenge I gave myself, so I'd like to be able to finish this with my own hands, sorry :(

And I use Reason 4.

Thanks again for the comments! :)

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  • 2 months later...

This is still alive!! :D And in fact it's almost complete! Thanks a lot for all the comments, people :)

I'm wondering about what I should do about the ending though. Do you guys think this is enough, or should I keep going? If any of you has any sort of suggestions/ideas/feedback, please do tell.

Thanks in advance! :)

Same link for the update btw

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Cool, great work! :D The ending could use one more note, same as your current second to last note. The only other thing I'd say now is to really beef up the soundscape now that you have the balance and ideas down. Upgrade your sounds! :D

Oh, and you should have a rimshot transition at 3:16. xD Kinda like at 1:44 in


EDIT: WAIT WAT. Did you speed up the tempo between 4:01 and 4:30? xD

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