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Video Game Orchestra October Concert in Boston & Kickstarter Album Fundraiser (AWESOME VGM stuff)

Level 99

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  • Rockestral (full orchestra plus rock band) game music arrangements.
  • Featuring music from Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Grandia, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter II and more.
  • Follow-up to the sold out show at Boston Symphony Hall in 2011.
  • Special Guests:




Boston Symphony Orchestra

301 Massachusetts Avenue

From my good buddies Audi and Shota:


Available Here


  • Album recording of the concert.
  • $30,000 budget (licensing, mastering, mixing, artwork, production)
  • Digital pledge at $10. Physical CD at $20.
  • Behind the scenes documentary with the special guest composers for $35+ pledgers.


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This seems to be a big Kickstarter day for me between this and FFVI. Pity I don't live close enough to attend the show itself, but I can't say no to a physical CD of the performance. I've watched some VGO performances on youtube, either from their own channel or from attendees from when they played in Distant Worlds. Best live performance of Dancing Mad I've heard in the FF concert tour so far. I hope they reach their goal.

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That 1 slot left for the $200 donation is staring me in the face. I should know by tomorrow if I can make it to the show, hopefully that last slot isn't taken before then :o

Thanks for posting this, hopefully it will make for a nice weekend trip :)

edit: Pulled the trigger and got the last $200 deal, woohoo! It should be a great show :>

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They managed to reach their goal. Looks like they're pushing for a double disk if they make it to around the 40,000 mark. I really wish I could afford to donate enough to be able to request arrangements from a game/series of my choice, I'd go for something from Phoenix Wright or Battle Hymn of the Soul from Persona 3. I'm glad they managed to break $30,000 and hopefully they'll see another surge of support in the final 24 hours.

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I saw the show last night and it exceeded my expectations. The performance itself was top notch. Shota Nakama did a great job directing, performing and entertaining the crowd. The atmosphere overall was great, and the crowd really got into it when those first few notes of those signature pieces started.

It was very cool to have the composers in the crowd as well to acknowledge all the fans. I can't wait to get the CD when it comes out in April. I know they didn't quite reach that $40k mark to hit to license all the music and have the complete recording of the concert, but perhaps they can somehow make that up by other means.

Thanks again for the heads up Level99, my girlfriend and I had a great time :)

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