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Three free new PC games to the first person that replies

The Damned

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I recently bought a new video card, and with it came a big card that says "congrats on your purchase of this card. Redeem this offer for the following games online" and then it shows Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, and Hitman Absolution, with a fourth game (Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition) for 20% off.

It's one of those deal where you enter a code on the video card manufacturers site and they give you a code to get your game through Steam/Origin/Ubishop.

I have no interest in these games, but there's no point in them going to waste. First one to ask gets the code. Sound fair?

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Makes me sad that you discount Far Cry 3 without even trying it. GOTY material right there and pretty much everything Skyrim tried to be.

It's not a matter of discounting it, so much as it is a complete lack of desire to play anything these days. Even my favorite games are taking a back seat to other interests.

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