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Games you DIDN'T expect to like


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I should throw Amnesia in this list too.

I went on a masochistic horror game binge after getting Slender over the summer. I got Amnesia expecting to not enjoy it at all but a game that prevented you from fighting back and that also required you to know which ways the doors open while making your escapes seemed too good to pass over.

The game really was loads of fun on top of some classic scares that are more than what most horror games rely on today.

Which are none.

There are no real mainstream horror games anymore...

...and most horror movies suck.

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I just thought of another game. A few years back, a friend gifted me an access key to Fate: Undiscovered Realms, and I couldn't understand why - the game art looked geared for kids, the game summary sounded targeted at kids, and pets seemed to be an integral part of the gameplay, which (aside from one or two games) usually indicates to me a game is targeted at kids. But it was summer, I didn't have classes and I was unemployed, and I figured, what the hell, why not give it a chance?

As it turned out, the combat wasn't too bad, the music wasn't awful, and the story wasn't all that impressive... but the weapon customization was addicting for me. I found myself agonizing for an hour or two over whether or not to make a slight alteration to a longsword. And the combat actually did get more difficult, the longer I went on - I actually found myself starting to get mildly challenged, after the first thirty or so levels. It's not a great game - I wouldn't give it more than a 7 1/2 out of 10, being generous - but it definitely wasn't the mindless kiddie game I thought it would be.

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I used to hate Final Fantasy games with a passion after 7 was released just because every single person was playing them. Then I tried Final Fantasy 4. Never hated any of the first 9 games ever since.

EDIT: It was Final Fantasy 4 and 6 that got me into Final Fantasy 9 and Advent Children that got me into 7.

That is because Kain is a fucking BADASS

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Dragon Quest VIII

I had the original 4 DQ games for NES (or rather, Dragon Warrior) and didn't like them. Sold them, actually, just because I found no joy in them. Then one day I was at my uncle's house and he suggested I check it out.

I fell in love instantly (mostly because of Yangus and his Cockney accent), and from there went on to play the other DQ games. And realized I love them just as much.

Funny how time can change one's tastes.

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I still knew Bioware as "that company that makes those really boring RPGs with the really good stories" around the time that Mass Effect came out.

Sweet Jesus. This. So this. I am a Mass Effect fanatic (stupid ending and all.) I'm reading all of the side material they have put out now, actually. I didn't even start playing until ME3 was almost out. A friend made me borrow the first one because I mentioned that I hadn't played it, and it was game over from there, natch. Too be honest, I thought I would like it okay, but I thought I would be bored and have to drag myself through it. I had watched friends play other Bioware games and just wasn't too pumped. Boy howdy, I'm glad I was wrong.

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