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bLiNd - NESterYears (Full Length NES Remix Album)


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So I have completed my first album of remixes after being recruited to GameChops by Dj Cutman. They are all themed around classic tunes from the NES, mostly tunes that most people would recognize. I debuted it at MAGFest 11 with great success. So since I haven't officially announced it at OCR I thought I would let you all know. All tracks are officially licensed through Joypad Records so this is a for sale album. Leave your feedback! <3 Check it out here


1.Mushroom Bounce (Super Mario Bros.) 04:20

2.Dirty Coins (Super Mario Bros.) 05:44

3.I Am Dracula (Castlevania) 04:39

4.El Ganon Diablo (The Legend of Zelda) 05:05

5.Killer Seaweed (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 06:00

6.For a Friend's Soul (Final Fantasy) 06:04

7.Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!) 06:29

8.Skull King (MegaMan 2) 06:24

9.All Systems Go (Metroid) 05:45

10.Moonstyle (Ducktales) 03:35

11.Ghosts N' Pills (VIP Mix) 06:28

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