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OCR02594 - Final Fantasy "Sentient Machines"


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Uhm.... o.o;;

err uhm.. eh..

how to... describe... this..??

It sounds like a seasick orchestra that transposes the feelings in their stomach to the slip and slide of the notes as the boat tilts around. Also, there is a feeling that the instruments are not completely tuned which also leads to this sense of believing the orchestra to be heavily seasick and unable to correctly turn their instruments.

I can detect an attempt at being Middle Eastern.. but.. it's overshadowed by the strange sliding noises that almost eclipse the attention of the entire song.

I was utterly confused listening to this.

About halfway through it begins to sound like a haunted clown-house, very reminiscent of Big Boo's merry go round in Mario 64, adding even more to the disorientation.

But eh, opinions are opinions. I'm probably missing something, which is why it sounds so strange to me. Hmm.

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The intro part and off and on throughout the 10 minute song(the orchestral stuff that sounds kinda creepy) adheres well to the source and sounds like a remix, but the parts where the mixer tries to get creative it just sounds... messy? The vocals could be more useful if applied with less... force(I guess the word is), or not at all. Maybe because I'm really fond of the source, I don't feel like this mix does it justice. It loses that sense of awe that you get from being in a castle in the sky, for the most part. Valiant attempt, though.

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Certainly has the switch ups of a Final Fantasy ReMix. The introing acoustic guitar was relaxing and such, but then that chaotic mayham that followed was a bit unnerving. Then to go back and forth on that was interesting. There were some points where I felt a bit disoriented, but once it went into the vocals section and beyond, things clicked again. For what was done and the length of it all, I have to say that this is a great addition to Random Encounter.

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Tiamat is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation.

With that in mind, this mix is perfect. Everything that has been said so far about it being unnerving and seasick and disorienting is exactly right. 

Weird to think this is 5 years old now...

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