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My favorite Dj Mokram piece, now proudly displayed on the front page of OC ReMix.

I personally would have a pretty hard time remixing any of the tracks from Human Revolution. The soundtrack's amazing, one of my favorite modern VGM soundtracks, but it's rather score-ish, and I have a hard time connecting to it as a performer as opposed to a listener.

That clearly wasn't an issue for Dj Mokram, which speaks volumes for how much better of a remixer he is than me.

It was an honor chiming in a bit of guitar (a section that, by the way, was also written entirely by Dj Mokram) for this piece, and here's hoping he can pick himself up from his current troubles and get back to making more sweet tunes.

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enveloping, atmospheric journey
Now I'm gonna have to trademark this one eventually. :nicework:

Still can't believe this mix really made it to OCR. Reading djp's glowing praise makes me feel a tiny bit proud of my work, for the first time in a very long time.

Huge props to Larry for giving me a chance back in 2011 despite my relative noobishness, and for never letting go of the project despite multiple setbacks.

Thanks to DusK, without whom this mix would have only been ethnic-weaksauce with fake geetarz, instead of ethnic-weaksauce with proper shreddage. ;)

If anyone's interested, there's a music video for this remix: http://youtu.be/HzeMKaYxz8w

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Impressive list of sources. The result is a cohesive whole, and at the same it's certainly "journey-like", going from a place to place, or from a moment to moment. The staccato electronics are combined with a whole array of elements. The staccato lines feel like a string of (Morse) code fragments that tie the whole together. The video also goes very well together with the music. Although I've never played a Deus Ex game, it seems like an excellent fit.


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So many sources......will they blend? From the sound of this ReMix, you damn right they will. Loved the airy female vocals in the background. Adds a little something to the overall cinematic feel of it all. Great job with this ReMix and the amazing video as well. This album has put Deus Ex on my list of games to play in the near future.

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Wowzers. Haven't got around to checking out the Human Revolution soundtrack, but I've heard it's a real treat. And if this mix is any indication, I'm going to enjoy it.

Ethnic fusion needs a lot of effort, skill, restraint and purpose, and this mix embodies all of these traits. Such a satisfying build and terrific development of textural soundscaping. There's instruments being plucked, accented vocals and bass-heavy synths all over the place, and it all makes musical sense. I'm a big fan of this. One of the more impressive remixes of current-gen videogame music I've heard in a great while. (And I hardly noticed this is technically a medley.)

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