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Best news yet: David Wise to score another DKC game!


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  • 9 months later...

Anybody got this yet? I haven't, but I watched some gameplay videos and my god that music. It seems weird to say, but the endless remixes in DKC: Returns turned me off in the end. It robbed the game of its own identity and really just made me crave playing the originals.

This time the music seems perfectly tailor made for the levels, as you'd expect from Wise. And he's definitely not lost his touch, although I'll be surprised if he's able to match the beginning-to-end splendour of DKC2.

Whatever the case, buying a Wii U and this game has now become an immediate priority. :D

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I can say:

THE GAME IS AWESOME. This is the kind of sequel you'd want from the snes. You got classic character +


And is totally crank. Playing this 2 players is also very cool.I'd say this is the best title on

wii U as of right now. It surpass all mario brothers.

And dear, the temples are so well thought. Seriously this is a must. DOT

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